Bikanervala Menu Prices in India [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Bikanervala menu with prices? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Bikanervala menu and prices.

Bikanervala offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Bikanervala menu prices below without wasting much time.

Bikanervala Menu Prices

Bikanervala Menu And Prices
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Bikanervala Breakfast Special Menu

Lassi Kesaria₹90
Grilled Sandwich With Chips₹130
Dahi Bhalla₹130
Papdi Chat₹105

Bikanervala Snacks & Quick Bites Menu

Chhole Bhature₹160
Dhokla Plain₹120
Pao Bhaji₹180
Matar Kulcha₹110
Dhokla Sandwich₹170
Dhokla Paneer₹200
Kachori Khasta₹18
Paneer Cutlet₹37
Paneer Pakoda₹37
Punjabi Chana Kulcha₹180
Vada Samber₹120
Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich₹170
Veg Sandwich₹50
Bread Pakoda₹32
Samosa Plate – Five pcs₹90
Samosa Plate – Two pcs₹36
Paneer Pakoda Plate – 2 Pcs₹74
Paneer Cutlet Plate – 2 Pcs₹74
Veg. Spring Roll₹200
Matar Extra₹65

Bikanervala Chatpati Chaat Menu

Raj Kachori₹140
Bhalla Papdi₹130
Dahi Bhalla₹125
Pani Poori₹55
Papdi Chat₹130
Bhel Puri₹90
Aloo Tikki₹110
Samosa Chaat₹110

Bikanervala Sweets & Desserts Menu

Rasgulla 10 Pcs₹140
Rasgulla – 5 Pcs.₹70
Dry Rasbhari 500 gm Pkt₹220
Besan Burfi₹340
Dry Rasbhari₹200
Honey Dew₹340
Kaju Samosa₹1240
Kheer Mohan₹310
Cham Cham₹35
Rasmalai – One Pc₹52
Rasmalai – Four Pcs₹208
Rasmalai – Two Pcs₹104
Gulab Jamun – 5 Pcs₹175
Gulab Jamun – 2 Pc₹70
Kaju Burfii₹480
Laddu Jodhpuri₹420
Laddu Special₹300
Moong Dal Burfi₹320
Laddu Besan₹300
Laddu Rose₹820
Dry Rasbhhari₹250
Kalakand 500 Gm₹310
Kalakand 1 Kg₹620
Dhoda Kaju₹290
Pista Lauj 500 Gm₹1300
Lal Jamun₹500
Badam Burfi₹330
Kala Jamun₹500
Kali Rasbhari₹280
Laddu Gound₹430
Lal Rasbhari₹280

Bikanervala Drinks Menu

Lassi Kesaria₹104
Lassi Masala₹104
Badam Drink 180 ml₹43
Strawberry Milk Shake₹145
Chocolate Milk Shake₹145
Vanilla Milk Shake₹145
Coffee Capachino₹120
Coffee Cold₹120
Can Pepsi Black 330ml₹58
Cold Coffee With Ice Cream₹165
Fresh Lime Soda₹80

Bikanervala Packed Sweets Menu

Channa Almond Bite 400g₹210
Kaju Salted 400g₹592
Navratan Mix 400g₹85
Soan Papdi DesiGhee 900g₹324
Aloo Bhujia 400g₹85
Dry Petha 400g₹86
Gulab Jamun 12pc 1 Kg₹200
Rasgulla 20pc Tin Pack (1.25 Kg)₹200
Baked Del Jeera Cookies 400g₹102
Baked Del Ajwain Cookies 400g₹102
Baked Del Marble 400g₹111
Suji Rusk 600g₹100
Mini Samosa 400g₹90
Lovely Para 400g₹90
Gol Mathi 400g₹90
Dry Fruit Kachori – 600g₹291
Baked Del Milk Kaju Cookies 400g₹128
Baked Del Kaju Pista 400g₹128
Baked Del Choco Kaju 400g₹128
Wafer Plain 140g₹45
Namkeen Dal Moth 200g₹41
Jeera Puff 450g₹111
Assorted Chips Combi Pack₹45
Cornflakes Mix – 400g₹121
Syrup Khus 1 Kg₹128
Marori Puff 500g₹119
Plain Puff 450g₹111
Soan Papdii Desi Ghee 250g₹98
Cham Cham 14pc 1 Kg₹200
Pickle Mix 500g₹72
Ajwain Puff 450g₹111
Biscuit Fruit Cake Rusk 400g₹128
Mathi Karela 400g₹90
Kesar Angoori Petha Tin 1 Kg₹200
Milk Mathi 400g₹90
Cornflakes Mix 200g₹61
Namkeen Navratan Mix 200g+50g₹43
Dry Fruit Kachori 300g₹148
Chakri Puff 700g₹161
Soan Cake 480g₹186
Boondi Salted 200g+50g₹43
Baked Del Nam Kaju Cookies400g₹128
Pickle Lemon Sweet 500g₹90
Agra Sev 200g₹45
Almond Masala – 150gm₹238
Almond Smoke – 150gm₹250
Angoori Petha RTE 300g₹86
Bikano Diet Namkeen 90g Combi 450g₹71
Boondi Salted 400g₹85
Chakkal 400g₹90
Chana Masala 200g₹45
Channa Allmond Bite 200g₹105
Energy Punch – 100gm₹178
Kaju Dal Moth 200g₹63
Kesar Rasbari 24pc 1 Kg₹200
Lachha Namak 200g₹47
Namak Para 400g₹90
Special Sev 200g₹41
Syrup Orange 1 Kg₹134

Bikanervala Namkeens Menu

Achari Mathi 500g₹161
Namkeen Chana Dal 200g₹45
Namkeen Moong Daal Plain 200g₹45
Namkeen Aloo Bhujia 1 Kg₹212
Namkeen Nutkhat Nimbu 200g+50g₹43
Namkeen Khatta Meetha 1 Kg₹212
Namkeen Tasty 1 Kg₹212
Namkeen Khatta Meetha 400g₹85
Namkeen Kaju Mix 200g₹67
Namkeen Mongra 200g₹45
Namkeen All Time Mixture 200+50g Extra₹43
Namkeen Bikaneri Bhujia 200g+50g₹42
Namkeen Tasty 400g₹85
Namkeen Badam Lachha 200g₹74
Namkeen Khatta Meetha 200g+50g₹43
Namkeen Kashmiri Mix 200g₹61
Namkeen Aloo Bhujia 200g+ 50g₹43
Namkeen Shahii Mix 200g₹45
Namkeen Shahhi Mix 1kg₹221
Namkeen Tasty 200g And 50g₹43
Namkeen Mooong Dal Plain 1 Kg₹221
Namkeen Navratan Mix 1 Kg₹212
Namkeen Shahi Mix 400g₹89
Namkeen Moong Dal Plain 400g₹89

Bikanervala Ready To Eat Menu

Rajma Rte 300g₹64
Punjabi Chole Rte 300g₹64
Plain Basmati Rice Rte 250g₹60
Matar Paneer Rte 300g₹106
Kadi Pakoda Rte 300g₹64
Jeera Basmati Rice Rte 250g₹68
Dal Tadka Rte 300g₹67
Dal Makhani Rte 300g₹81
Bhaji Rte 300g₹85

Bikanervala Combo Meals Menu

Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich With Pepsi₹195
Chole Bhature with Lassi₹195
Veg Noodles With Pepsi₹255
Veg Sandwich With Pepsi₹110
Pizza Veggie With Pepsi₹332

Bikanervala Thali & Platters Menu

Delux Thali₹360
Special Thali₹280
Chinese Platter₹310
South Indian Platter₹310

Bikanervala Chinese & Continental Menu

Veg Chowmein With Veg Manchurian₹230
Veg Fried Rice With Veg Manchurian₹230
Veg Noodles₹180
Chilly Paneer (dry)₹260
Chilly Paneer (gravy)₹260
Veg Cheese Burger₹140
Chowmein With Chilly Paneer₹240
Fried Rice With Chilly Paneer₹240
Spring Roll₹200
Veg. Burger₹110
Veg. Fried Rice₹180
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹110
Veg. Manchurian (gravy)₹220
Fried Rice With Manchurian₹230
French Fries₹105
Veg. Manchurian (dry)₹220
Chilly Crispy Potato₹160
Hot N Sour Soup₹120

Bikanervala Roti Menu

Tandoori Butter Roti₹50

Bikanervala South Indian Menu

Uttapam Mix Veg₹200
Dosa Masala₹195
Dosa Onion Rawa₹220
Dosa Plain₹180
Uttapam Onion₹200
Uttapam Plain₹170
Onion Rawa Masala Dosa₹200
Dosa Rawa Masala₹195
Dosa Onion Plain₹155
Dosa Onion Masala₹220
Uttapam Onion Tomato₹200

Bikanervala North Indian Menu

Dal Makhani₹300
Shahi Paneer₹340
Green Salad₹130
Masala Channa₹250
Raita Boondi₹140
Veg. Pulao₹140
Dal Makhani With Pulao₹180

Bikanervala Pizza Menu

Pizza Capsicum Tomato₹260
Pizza Cheese₹240

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Bikanervala Menu Prices
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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Bikanervala? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Bikanervala on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Bikanervala

What are the specialties at Bikanervala India?

Bikanervala India is renowned for its diverse range of Indian sweets, snacks, and chaat items.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, Bikanervala India offers an extensive menu with a focus on vegetarian delicacies.

Do they provide catering services?

Bikanervala India provides catering services for various events, offering a delicious spread of Indian cuisine.

Are there any gluten-free options on the menu?

Bikanervala India offers gluten-free choices, providing options for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Can I order online from Bikanervala India?

Yes, Bikanervala India facilitates online ordering.

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