Chaiiwala Menu Prices in UK [May 2024]

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Looking for the latest Chaiiwala menu with prices in UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Chaiiwala menu and prices in UK.

Chaiiwala offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Chaiiwala menu prices in UK below without wasting much time.

Chaiiwala Menu Prices in UK

Chaiiwala All Day Breakfast Menu

Desi Breakfast£10.35
Aloo Paratha£3.55
English-ish Breakfast£11.05
Halwa Puri£6.45
Bun Omelette£4.25
Omelette Wrap£4.25

Chaiiwala Street Food Menu

Bombay Sandwich£5.85
Butter Chicken Roll£4.25
Butter Chicken Rice Bowl£10.35
Masala Chips£4.25
Chicken Tikka Naan£6.45
Samsosa Chaat£6.45
Channa Masala Bowl£1.80
Loaded Chips£8.45
Kebab Roll£5.00
Gunpowder Masala Chips£3.70
Samosa Cone£4.95
Aloo Tikki Burger£4.95
Punjabi Samosa£2.15
Karachi Bun Kebab£5.85
Keema & Paratha£8.45
Daal Bowl£1.80
Plain Chips£3.15
Desi Mac N Cheese£7.00

Chaiiwala Hot Drinks Menu

Karak Chai Standard£3.60
Karak Coffee£3.60
Pink Chaii£4.10
Karak Chai Sugar Free£3.60
Chaii Latte£3.60
Garam Chocolate£3.60
Cinnamon Chai£3.90
Apple Pie Chaii£4.35
Apple Pie Coffee Large£5.40
English Chai£2.85
Mint Chai£2.85

Chaiiwala Cold Drinks Menu

Mango Falooda£5.85
Coffee Cookie Frappe£4.00
Iced Karak Chai (16oz)£5.05
Mango Falooda (16oz)£6.65
Blue Limbu Pani (16oz)£4.70
Limbu Pani£3.25
Blue Limbu Pani (12oz)£3.90
Iced Karak Coffee (16oz)£5.05
Strawberry Limbu Pani (12oz)£3.90
Pink Cookie Frappe£4.00
Lemon Iced Chaii£3.70
Iced Pink Chaii£4.25
Strawberry Limbu Pani (16oz)£4.70
Lemon Iced Chaii (16oz)£5.05
Iced Karak Chaii£4.25
Iced Karak Coffee£4.25

Chaiiwala Kids Menu

Pizza Paratha & Chips£5.00
Chicken Tikka Bites & Chips£5.65

Chaiiwala Snacks Menu

Cake Rusks£2.15
Chilli & Lemon Chips£1.25
Parle G£2.15
Belgian Caramel Shortbread Bar£2.40
Zesty Fruity Granola Bar£2.40

Chaiiwala Roti Menu

Classic Roti£1.45
Classic Paratha£1.75
Cream Cheese Paratha£3.55
Grilled Cheese Naan£4.25
Tareli Roti£2.80

Chaiiwala Desserts Menu

Plain Donut£6.45
Loaded Donut£7.75
Gajar Halwa Sundae£3.75
Nutella Wrap£3.85
Gajar Halwa£5.20
Chocolate Chaii Mousse£5.55
Gulab Jamun Cheesecake£5.55
Vanilla Sponge Cake£3.50
Pink Chaii Cake£6.20
Kanefah Cheesecake£5.55
Gulab Jamun£5.20
Karak Coffee Cake£6.20
Gulab Jamun Sundae£8.15
1 Scoop Ice Cream£2.15
Lotus Wrap£3.85
2 Scoops Ice Cream£3.90
Baklava Sundae£8.15
Bakalava Donuts£7.75

Disclaimer: Viewmenuprices collects menus and their prices from various sources such as business websites, official websites, etc. The prices may not be the same because they can change without any notice. So we recommend you, contact the eatery directly before making any plans.

Chaiiwala Menu And Prices in UK
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You can check all of the other things about Chaiiwala on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Chaiiwala

What types of chai do you offer?

We offer classic masala chai, ginger chai, cardamom chai, and herbal chai blends.

Are your chai blends customizable?

Yes, you can customize the sweetness level, milk type, and spice intensity of your chai.

Do you serve any snacks or pastries?

Absolutely! Our menu includes a variety of snacks such as samosas, pakoras, and pastries like naan khatai.

Are your ingredients sourced sustainably?

Yes, we prioritize sourcing high-quality, ethically produced ingredients for our chai and snacks.

Do you offer any dairy-free or vegan options?

Yes, we provide dairy-free milk alternatives like almond milk and oat milk for our vegan and lactose-intolerant customers.

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