Chicken Hub Menu Prices in UK [July 2024]

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Looking for the latest Chicken Hub menu with prices in UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Chicken Hub menu and prices in UK.

Chicken Hub offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Chicken Hub menu prices in UK below without wasting much time.

Chicken Hub Menu Prices in UK

Combo’s Menu

Peri-peri Grilled fillet Combo£11.99
Spicy Mountain Fillet Combo£12.99
Chicken Fillet Combo£10.99
Spicy Mighty Combo£11.99
Chicken Wrap Combo£11.99
Spicy Fillet Combo£10.99
Mighty Fillet Combo£11.99
Smoke BBQ Fillet Combo£11.49
Mountain Fillet Combo£12.99

Peri Peri Grilled Chicken Menu

Peri-Peri Half Grilled Chicken£8.99
Peri-peri Grilled Chicken Tenders – 5pc£7.49
Peri-Peri Whole Grilled Chicken£13.99
Peri-peri Grilled Chicken Wings – 6 pc£7.99
peri-peri Whole Grilled Chicken Meal£16.99
Peri-peri Grilled Chicken Tenders – 8 pc£9.99
Peri peri Grilled Chicken Wings Meal – 6 pc£9.99
Peri-peri Grilled Chicken Wings – 9 pc£9.99
peri-peri Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal – 8pc£11.99
peri-peri Half Grilled Chicken Meal£11.99
Peri-peri Grilled chicken Wings Meal – 9 pc£12.49
peri-peri Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal – 5pc£9.99

Burgers Menu

Spicy Chicken Burger Meal£8.49
Beef Quarter Pounder Meal£8.99
Chicken Fillet Burger Meal£8.49
Spicy Chicken Burger£5.49
Beef Quarter Pounder£6.49
Chicken Fillet Burger£5.49
peri-peri Grilled Chicken Burger Meal£9.49
Mighty Fillet Burger£6.49
NEW!!! Fiery Buffalo Chicken Burger Meal£8.99
Mighty Fillet Burger Meal£9.49
NEW!!! Fiery Buffalo Chicken Burger£5.99
Spicy Mountain Burger Meal£10.99
peri-peri Grilled Chicken Burger£6.49
Spicy Mountain Burger£7.99
Spicy Mighty Burger Meal£9.49
Veggie Burger Meal£8.49
Spicy Mighty Burger£6.49
Smokey BBQ Chicken Burger£5.99
Mountain Fillet Burger Meal£10.99
Mountain Fillet Burger£7.99
Veggie Burger£5.49
Smokey BBQ Chicken Burger Meal£8.99

Wraps Menu

peri-peri Grilled Chicken Wrap£6.99
Chicken Wrap£5.99
Spicy Chicken Wrap£5.99
Peri-Peri Grilled Chicken Wrap Meal£9.99
Chicken Wrap Meal£8.99
Lamb Kebab Wrap£6.99
Spicy Chicken Wrap Meal£8.99
Chicken Kebab Wrap£6.99
Veggie Wrap£5.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Wrap£5.99
Lamb Kebab Wrap Meal£9.99
NEW!!! Fiery Buffalo Chicken Wrap Meal£8.99
Veggie Wrap Meal£8.99
Chicken Kebab Wrap Meal£9.99

Classic Fried Chicken Menu

Classic Fried Chicken Pieces£2.49
Chicken Strips£3.99
Breaded Chicken Tenders – 5pc£6.99
Chicken Poppers£4.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Tenders – 5pc£7.49
Classic Fried Chicken Meal – 4pc£9.99
Chicken Nuggets Meal – 6pc£6.99
Breaded Chicken Tenders Meal – 5pc£8.99
Crispy Strips Meal – 5 Piece£7.99
Classic Fried Chicken Meal – 2pc£7.49
BBQ Chicken Tenders – 3pc£5.49
Chicken Nuggets Meal – 9 pc£7.99
Chicken Poppers Meal£7.99
Classic Fried Chicken Meal – 3pc£8.99
Breaded Chicken Tenders – 3pc£4.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Tenders – 3pc£5.49
Breaded Chicken Tenders Meal – 3pc£6.99
BBQ Chicken Tenders Meal – 3pc£7.99
BBQ Chicken Tenders – 5pc£7.49
BBQ Chicken Tenders Meal – 5pc£9.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Tenders Meal – 5pc£9.99
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Tenders Meal – 3pc£7.99

Spicy Hot Wings Menu

Spicy Hot WingsFrom £1.29
Spicy Hot Wings Meal – 8pc£9.99
BBQ Chicken WingsFrom £1.49
Spicy Hot Wings Meal – 5pc£7.99
NEW!!! Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings Meal – 5pc£8.99
NEW!!! Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings Meal – 8pc£10.99
Smokey BBQ Chicken Wings Meal – 5pc£8.99
Smokey BBQ Chicken Wings Meal – 8pc£10.99

NEW Loaded Fries Menu

Loaded Peri Chicken Fries£8.99
Loaded BBQ Chicken Fries£8.99
Loaded Meat Cheese Fries£8.99
Loaded Buffalo Chicken Fries£8.99
Loaded Chicken Fries£8.49

Sharing Family Buckets Menu

Saving Bucket – 6 pc£16.99
Saving Bucket: 10 pc£24.99
Grilled Family Feast£29.99
Family Bucket – 12 pc£36.99
Mighty Bucket – 6 pc£27.99
Family Bucket – 6 pc£30.99
Boneless Delight£23.99
Saving Bucket – 14 pc£30.99
Mighty Bucket – 10 pc£33.99

Rice Boxes & Salads Menu

Grilled Chicken Rice£7.99
Spicy Chicken Rice£6.99
Veggie Rice£4.69
Grilled Chicken Rice with a Drink£8.99
Grilled Chicken Salad£6.69
Spicy Chicken Rice with a Drink£7.99
Fresh Salad£3.99
Mild chicken Rice£6.99
Veggie Rice with a Drink£4.99
Mild Chicken Rice with a Drink£7.99
Spicy Chicken Salad£5.99
Mild Chicken Salad£5.99
Mild Chicken Salad with a Drink£6.99
Grilled Chicken Salad with a Drink£7.99
Spicy Chicken Salad with a Drink£6.99

Sides & Extras Menu

6 Mozzarella Fingers£4.99
Tortilla Wrap£0.50
Apple Pie£1.99
Cheesy Fries£3.49
BBQ Beans£1.99
Cheese Slice£0.50
5 Cheesy Jalapeno Bites£4.99
Onion Rings£2.99
Burger Bun£0.50

Sauces & Dips Menu

Garlic & Herb Dip£0.60
Tomato Sauce Sachet£0.20
Burger Sauce Dip£0.60
Peri Peri Garlic Dip£0.60
Peri Peri Hot Dip£0.60
Hot Chili Sauce Dip£0.60
Mayonnaise Sachet£0.20
Chipotle Mayo Dip£0.80
Original Mayo Dip£0.60
Peri Peri Lemon & Herb Dip£0.60
Sweet Chili Dip£0.60
Peri Peri Extra Hot Dip£0.60
Fiery Buffalo Dip£0.60
BBQ Sauce Dip£0.60
Peri Peri Mild Dip£0.60
Tomato Sauce Dip£0.60
BBQ Sauce Sachet£0.35
Chili Sauce Sachet£0.35
Sweet & Sour Dip£0.60
Mustard Dip£0.60

Desserts Menu

Chocolate Fudge Cake£2.99
Rich Belgian Chocolate Cookie£1.99
Carrot Cake£3.49
Double Belgian Chocolate Cookie£1.99
Baklava Slice£2.49
Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake 460ml£5.99
Haagen-Dazs Vanilla 460ml£5.99
Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate 460ml£5.99
Haagen-Dazs cookies & Cream 460ml£5.99

Drinks Menu

Pepsi Max (No Sugar) – 330ml£1.69
Pepsi – 330ml£1.69
Tango Orange – 330ml£1.69
7Up – 330ml£1.69
Mineral Water – 500ml£1.69
Carton Juice – 200ml£1.00
Tropicana Juice – 250ml£2.49
Pepsi Cola Bottle, 1.5l£3.99
Diet Pepsi 1.5L Bottle£3.99
7Up Lemon & Lime Bottle, 1.5l£3.99
Tango Orange Bottle, 1.5l£3.99
Tango Apple (sugar free) – 330ml£1.69
Tango Paradise Punch (sugar free) – 330ml£1.69

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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Chicken Hub in UK? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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