Cinnabon Menu With Prices [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Cinnabon menu with prices? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Cinnabon menu and prices.

Cinnabon offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Cinnabon menu prices below without wasting much time.

Cinnabon Menu With Prices

Cinnabon Menu Prices
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Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Classic CinnaPacksClassic 4 Pack$18.99
Classic CinnaPacksClassic 6 Pack$21.48
Classic CinnaPacksCaramel Pecan 4-Pack$21.49
Classic CinnaPacksCaramel Pecan 6 Pack$24.49
Classic CinnaPacksCombo 4 Pack$19.99
Classic CinnaPacksCombo 6 Pack$22.49
MiniBon CinnaPacksClassic Minibon 9 Pack$20.99
MiniBon CinnaPacksClassic Minibon 15 Pack$23.99
MiniBon CinnaPacksCaramel Pecan Minibon 9 Pack$22.99
MiniBon CinnaPacksCaramel Pecan Minibon 15 Pack$25.99
MiniBon CinnaPacksCombo Minibon 9 Pack$21.99
MiniBon CinnaPacksCombo Minibon 15 Pack$24.99
BonBites CinnaPacksClassic Bonbite 16 Pack$16.99
BonBites CinnaPacksCaramel Pecan Bonbite 16 Pack$17.99
BonBites CinnaPacksCombo Bonbite 16 Pack$17.99

Cinnamon Rolls

Classic Roll$5.99
Caramel PecanBon$6.49
MiniBon$3.99 – Classic
MiniBon$4.99 – Caramel Pecan
BonBites$4.99 – Classic
BonBites$5.99 – Caramel Pecan

Baked Treats

Center of the RollClassic$5.49
Center of the RollCaramel Pecan$5.99
Churro Swirl1 Count$3.49
Churro Swirl2 Count$4.49
CinnaSweeties5 Count$3.99
CinnaSweeties10 Count$5.99
Cookie BonBite1 Count$3.29
Cookie BonBite2 Count$6.49
Cookie BonBite4 Count$12.79

Frozen Beverages

Cold Brew Frozen CoffeeSmall$5.49
Cold Brew Frozen CoffeeRegular$5.99
Frozen LemonadeSmall$4.99
Frozen LemonadeRegular$5.49


MochaLatta ChillSmall$4.99
MochaLatta ChillRegular$5.49
Cold Brew Iced CoffeeSmall$4.39
Cold Brew Iced CoffeeRegular$4.99
Hot CoffeeSmall$1.79
Hot CoffeeRegular$2.99
Hot CocoaSmall$2.25
Hot CocoaRegular$3.49
Hot TeaSmall$1.79
Hot TeaRegular$2.05
Fountain SodaSmall$2.75
Fountain SodaRegular$3.25
Bottled Milk$3.19
Bottled Chocolate Milk$3.00


Signature Cream Cheese Frosting Pint$5.99
Side of Cream Cheese Frosting$0.99 – 2 oz
Side of Pecans$0.99
Side of Oreo Pieces$0.99
Side of Caramel Frosting$0.99
Side of Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce$0.99
Side of Caramel Topping$0.99


Classic Rolls TrayServes 9$32.99
MiniBon TrayServes 20$34.99
BonBites TrayServes 9$24.99
CinnaSweeties TrayServes 15$24.99
Cold Brew Iced CoffeeServes 12$19.99
Hot CoffeeServes 12$15.99
LemonadeServes 12$13.99
MochaLatta ChillServes 12$19.99
Catering SidesSignature Frosting (8 oz)
Caramel Frosting (8 oz)
Extra Pecans (8 oz)

Disclaimer: Viewmenuprices collects menus and their prices from various sources such as business websites, official websites, etc. The prices may not be the same because they can change without any notice. So we recommend you, contact the eatery directly before making any plans.

Cinnabon Menu And Prices
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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Cinnabon? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Cinnabon on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related To Cinnabon

How much is a Classic Roll at Cinnabon?

The Classic Roll (Single) is priced at $4.99.

What is the cost of a Minibon (4-pack)?

The Minibon (4-pack) is priced at $13.99.

How much does a Caramel Pecanbon (Single) cost?

The Caramel Pecanbon (Single) is priced at $5.79.

What is the price of BonBites (16-pack)?

BonBites (16-pack) are priced at $18.99.

How much is a Churro Swirl at Cinnabon?

The Churro Swirl is priced at $4.49.

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