Denny’s Menu Prices in US [July 2024]

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Looking for the latest Denny’s menu with prices? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Denny’s menu and prices.

Denny’s offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Denny’s menu prices below without wasting much time.

Denny’s Menu Prices

Denny’s Breakfast Menu

Chicken Biscuit and Gravy Bowl1120-1340$12.19
Benny Breakfast (Southwestern)760-1370$11.99
Benny Breakfast (Classic)530-1140$11.29
Grand Slamwich1240-1630$13.19
Moons Over My Hammy 1150-1540$11.99
Steak & Eggs (T-Bone)860-1770$19.29
Santa Fe Bowl850-1070$11.59
Steak and Eggs (Country Fried)760-1670$13.99

Denny’s Burger Menu

Double Cheeseburger 1020-1580$12.29
Bourbon Burger (Bacon)980-1370$13.19
Cheeseburger (Bacon Avocado)1120-1510$12.39

Denny’s Build Your Own Menu

100% Beef Patty320$11.19
Beyond Burger270$12.79
Seasoned Chicken Breast (Grilled)200$11.19
Fried Chicken Breast41011.19
Flamin’ 5-Pepper 1100-1490$12.49

Denny’s Dinner Menu

Fried Chicken (Plate Lickin’ Chicken)1240-1960$12.99
Pot Roast Bowl (Mama D’s)870$13.99
Crazy Spicy Bowl1040$12.99
Bourbon Chicken Bowl910$13.59
T-Bone Steak850-1570$17.99
Chicken Tenders Dinner (Premium)1030-1950$12.69
Bourbon Steak (Straight Up)900-1620$14.69
Sirloin Steak700-1420$14.69
Wild Alaska Salmon710-1430$14.29
Steak Dinner (Country Fried)1130-1850$14.29

Denny’s All Day Dinner Deals Menu

Value Slam (Everyday)470-940$5.99
Two Moons Over My Hammy Omelette
Moons Over My Hammy (2 Omelette)560$8.59
Moons Over My Hammy (2 Omelette) Sub Eggs Whites230$8.59
Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs and Cheddar)850-1660$7.59
Sandwich (1/2 Super Bird)480-870$7.59
Melt Sandwich (Fried Cheese)1090-1480$7.59
Bacon Ranch Sandwich (Crispy Chicken) 1310-1700$9.99
Sandwich Blt 1200-1590$9.59
Cheeseburger (1/4 Pound)590-980$8.59
Steak Dinner (1 Pcs. Country-Fried)750-1470$9.99
Chicken Dinner (1pcs. Plate Lickin’ Fried Chicken)810-1530$9.99

Denny’s Family Packs Menu

Grand Slam3000-4530$28.99
Lumberjack Slam3440-6470$36.99
Combo Pack: Breakfast & Cheeseburger 2820-5090$29.99
Chicken Strips (Premium)2950-4910$28.99
Cheeseburger 2680-4640$31.99

Denny’s Kids Menu

Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Jr.)255-620$4.49
Chicken Tenders (Jr. Premium)305-870$5.49
Jr. Grand Slam (Build Your Own)170-540$4.99
Jr. Ice Cream (Chocolate)270$2.39
Jr. Cheeseburger505-870$4.99
Jr. Milk Shake (Chocolate)680$1.99
Jr. Milk Shake (Strawberry)550$1.99
Jr. Oreo Blender Blaster760$1.99

Denny’s Kids Beverage Menu

Jr. Milk150$1.49
Jr. Chocolate Milk190$1.49
Orange Juice140$1.49
Soft Drinks
Jr Coke110$1.49
Jr Diet Coke$1.49
Jr Sprite100$1.49
Jr Dr Pepper100$1.49
Jr Iced Tea$1.99
Hot Chocolate$3.49
Jr. Mango$1.99
Jr. Strawberry Banana$1.99

Denny’s Melts & Handhelds Menu

Sandwich (Cali Club) 990-1380$13.29
Classic Patty Melt (Diner)1200-1590$11.79
The Super Bird860-1250$12.19
Hot Chicken Melt (Nashville)1350-1740$12.99

Denny’s Omelettes Menu

Omelette (Mile High Denver)
Denver Omelette660$12.19
Denver Omelette (Sub Egg Whites)230$12.19
Ultimate Omelette
Ultimate Omelette720$13.99
Ultimate Omelette (Sub Egg Whites)230$13.99
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette
Philly Cheesesteak710$14.19
Philly Cheesesteak (Sub Egg Whites)230$14.19

Denny’s Pancakes & Crepes Menu

Pancake Breakfast (Double Berry)790-1490$11.29
Pancake Breakfast (Bananas Salted Caramel)1180-1880$11.99
Pancake Breakfast (Choconana)1120-1820$11.29
Pancake Breakfast (Hearty 9-Grain)660-1360$10.19
Pancake Breakfast (So Pumped-Kin)1050-1750$10.99
Crepe Breakfast (Berry Vanilla)
Crepe (1) Breakfast (Strawberry Vanilla 1)270$11.89
Crepe (2) Breakfast (Strawberry Vanilla 2)530$14.79

Denny’s Milk Shakes Menu

Milk Shakes (Flavor)
Pecan Salted Caramel980$5.59
Oreo Shake Pack2100$7.99
Strawberry Shake Pack1520$7.99

Denny’s Starters Menu

Zesty Nachos1660$9.99
Chicken Tenders (Premium)680-880$9.79
Classic Sampler1530-2220$11.49
Boneless Chicken Wings
Plain Boneless Wings620$9.99
Buffalo Boneless Wings770$9.99
BBQ Boneless Wings770$9.99
Nashville Hot Boneless Wings720$9.99
Cheese Sticks (Mozzarella)690-890$8.29
Pancake Puppies (Double Chocolate)
Pancake Puppies (6 Double Chocolate)690$2.99
Pancake Puppies (10 Double Chocolate)1050$4.49

Denny’s Salads Menu

House Salad210-390$7.79

Denny’s Slams Menu

Grand Slam (Build Your Own)360-1980$11.29
All-American Slam730-1310$13.99
Lumberjack Slam1020-2660$14.39
French Toast Slam860-1270$13.09

Denny’s Beverages Menu

Soft Drinks
Diet Coke$3.49
Fanta Orange190$3.49
Dr Pepper140$3.49
Fruit Punch (Hi-C)190$3.49
Root Beer (BARQ’s)200$3.49
Signature Diner Blend Coffee
Blend Coffee (Signature Diner)0$3.49
Decaf Blend Coffee (Signature Diner) 0$3.49
Hot Chocolate190$3.49
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
Lemonade Iced Tea80$3.49
Unsweetened Tea5$3.49
Minute Maid Lemonade
Lemonade (Minute Maid)150$3.49
Lemonade (Mango)210$3.99
Apple Juice210$3.69
Orange Juice (Minute Maid)210$3.69
2% Milk230$2.99
Chocolate Milk290$2.99
Hot Tea0$3.19
Smoothies (Mango)340$3.99

Denny’s Desserts Menu

Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie (Slice)400$2.00
Pumpkin Pie (Whole)3040$8.99
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie (Slice)520$2.00
Pecan Pie (Whole)4160$8.99
Cheesecake Pack2250$12.99
Caramel Apple Pie Crisp490$4.99
Lava Cookie Skillet820$4.99
Cheesecake (New York Style)490$4.99

Denny’s Sides Menu

Biscuit & Gravy330$2.69
Slice of French Toast320$4.49
Pancakes (Stack of So Pumped-Kin)800$6.98
Pancakes (Stack of Choconana)870$4.99
Caramel Pancakes (Stack of it’s Bananas Salted)930$5.99
Pancakes (Stack of Pumpkin)500$6.48
Stack of Pancakes480$3.49
Banana Strawberry Pancakes:(Stack of Double Berry)540$4.99
Strawberry Vanilla Crepe
Vanilla Crepe (1 Strawberry)270$5.29
Vanilla Crepe (2 Strawberry)530$7.29
English Muffin190$2.69
Slices Of Toast
White Toast240$2.69
7-Grain Toast340$2.69
Garlic Bread190$2.69
Fruit (Seasonal)100$3.99
Hash Browns
Hash Browns180$3.99
Hash Browns (Cheddar Cheese)250$4.09
Bacon Strips (4)210$3.99
Sausage Links (4)310$3.99
French Fries (Wavy Cut)400$3.99
Grilled Ham (Slice)110$4.29
Onion Rings (Beer-Battered)400$4.49
Seasoned Fries490$4.79
Potatoes (Red Skinned) 250$3.29
Rice (Whole Grain)240$3.99
Mashed Potatoes (Red Rustic)250$3.99
Medley (Fresh Vegetable) 70$3.99
Salad (Garden Side)170$4.49
Sauces & Dressings10-220$0.99

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Denny's Menu And Prices
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FAQs Related to Denny’s

What are some popular breakfast options?

Popular breakfast options include pancakes, omelettes, and the Grand Slam.

Are there options for vegetarians?

Yes, we offer vegetarian options such as veggie burgers and Beyond Meat sausages.

Can I customize my order?

You can customize your order to suit your preferences.

Are there any healthy choices available?

Yes, we have healthier options like salads, grilled chicken, and fruit bowls.

Do you serve desserts?

Yes, we have a variety of desserts including pies, sundaes, and milkshakes.

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