Franzos Menu Prices in UK [July 2024]

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Looking for the latest Franzos menu with prices in UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Franzos menu and prices in UK.

Franzos offers so many delicious food items that are under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Franzos menu prices in UK below without wasting much time.

Franzos Menu Prices in UK

Franzos Fresh Salads Menu

Chicken Strips Salad£11.45
Feta Cheese Salad£9.40
Mix Salad£7.50

Franzos Appetisers Menu

Chilli Bites£5.45
Garlic Bread with Cheese£6.65
Hummus with Toasted Pitta£5.95
4 Succulent Lamb Chops£15.95
Halloumi Cheese (2 Slices)£3.55
Garlic Bread (4 Slices)£5.30
Mozzarella Sticks£5.45
Hotshot Garlic Bread£7.35

Franzos Grilled Pir Piri Chicken Menu

6 Chicken Wings£6.95
Rice with Strips£11.45
½ Chicken£10.15
Whole Grilled Chicken£16.95
¼ Chicken£6.95
3 Chicken Wings£4.65
6 Chicken Strips£9.15
3 Chicken Strips£5.20
Sizzling Butterfly Chicken£9.45
Chicken Boneless Thigh£9.45

Franzos Vegination Menu

Veg or Bean in Wrap£7.90
Veg or Bean in Pitta£7.90
Veg or Bean in Bun£7.90

Franzos Thick Milkshakes Menu

Simply Oreo Milkshake£6.50
Rocher my Ferrero Milkshake£6.95
Mango Mania Milkshake£6.50
Shake Me Kinder Bueno White Chocolate Milkshake£6.50
Shake Me Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate Milkshake£6.50
Love Peanut Butter Milkshake£6.50

Franzos Burgers Menu

Piri Piri Chicken Burger£8.50
Lamb Smashed Burger£9.45
Chicken Tikka Burger£8.50
The Original (Beef Smashed Burger)£11.00
Classic Beef Burger£7.50
Bravo Burger£8.75
The Crowned (Beef Smash Burger)£11.50
The Tower (Beef Smash Burger)£14.00
Chicken Smashed Burger£9.45
The Dominant (Beef Smash Burger)£9.45

Franzos Box Meals Menu

Loaded Box£11.95
Munch Box£11.95

Franzos Pittas Menu

Piri Piri Chicken in Pitta£8.50
Chicken Tikka in Pitta£8.50
Loaded Hawaiian Pitta£12.75
Bravo Pitta£9.25
Lebanese Chicken in Pitta£8.50

Franzos Wraps Menu

Chicken Tikka Wrap£8.50
Piri Piri Chicken Wrap£8.50
Lamb Kebab Wrap£8.50
Chicken Kebab Wrap£8.50
Lebanese Chicken Wrap£8.75

Franzos Loaded Sides Menu

Chicken Loaded Fries£10.75
Chilli Loaded Fries£10.75
Smashed Beef Loaded Fries£11.75
Chilli Fries£5.00
Curly Fries£5.00

Franzos Grilled Masala Fish Menu

Grilled Fish Burger£8.95
Grilled Masala Fish£9.95

Franzos Platters Menu

Mix Platter£32.95
Single Platter£22.95
Franzos Special£35.95
Mega Platter£59.95
Strips Platter£27.95
Wings Platter£27.95

Franzos Sides Menu

Piri Piri Fries£2.95
Corn on the Cob£3.55
Garlic Bread£2.75
Mix Salad£3.90
Maash Potato£3.55
Potato Wedges£3.55

Franzos Drinks Menu

Mirinda Strawberry£2.25
Fanta Orange£2.25
Diet Coke£2.25
Capri Sun Orange£2.25

Franzos Mocktails Menu

Classic Mojito£7.95
Bahama Mama£7.95
Watermelon Mojito£7.95
Pina Colada£7.95
Strawberry Mocktail£7.95
Party on the Beach£7.95

Franzos Extras Menu

Sauce Dip£0.50
Cheese Slice£0.50
Pineapple Slice£0.75
Seeded Bun£1.40
Tomato Slice£0.50
Halloumi Cheese (2 Slices£3.55
Pitta Bread£1.00

Franzos Desserts Menu

Chocolate Fudge Cake£7.95
Kinder Choc White Cookie Dough£8.95
Rocher Cheesecake£7.95
Oreo Cookie Dough£8.95
Rocher Cookie Dough£8.95

Franzos Kids Menu

Kids Meal- Cheese Burger£7.95
Kids Meal- Strips£8.35
Kids Meal- Wings£7.95
Chicken Nuggets£7.95
Kids Meal- Chicken Steak Burger£7.95

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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Franzos in UK? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Franzos on its official website here.

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