Greyhound Cafe Menu Prices UK [July 2024]

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Looking for the latest Greyhound Cafe menu with prices UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Greyhound Cafe menu and prices UK.

Greyhound Cafe offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Greyhound Cafe menu prices UK below without wasting much time.

Greyhound Cafe Menu Prices UK

Greyhound Cafe Starters Menu

Greyhound ‘Single Bone’ Wings£7.90
Sweet Corn Pops£8.90
Moo Ping£9.50
Fried Seafood Spring Rolls£9.90
Prawn Tempura£10.00
Squid & Shrimp Balls£8.90
Crispy Calamari with Thai Dip£9.50
Tataki Tuna Larb£11.90
Complicated Noodles£9.90
Chicken Satay£9.50
Premium Rib Eye Satay£13.90
Beef Yum£15.50
A Platter of Delight£12.50
Fried Seafood Spring Rolls£9.90

Greyhound Cafe Salad Menu

Grilled FakThong Tofu Salad£14.90
Som Tum£10.90
Prawn Tempura Salad£14.90
Crispy Duck Salad£14.90
Beef Yum£15.50

Greyhound Cafe Soup Menu

Chicken Tom Kha Broth£10.90
Light Tom Yum Kung£14.90

Greyhound Cafe Meat of Choice Menu

Rib Eye Yang Fai£23.95
Esarn Chicken£18.50
Sea Bass Miang£26.50
Hot Oil Pork Knuckle (300gram/600gram)£17.50/ £28.90
Thai Sizzling Rib Eye£22.90
Duck Confit in Red Curry with Pineapple and Lychees£21.95
Thai Spicy Green Curry with a Twist Chicken£16.50
Thai Spicy Green Curry with a Twist Beef£18.50
Beef Massamun£17.50
Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts£14.50
Phad Cha Seafood£17.50

Greyhound Cafe One Dish Menu

Holy Basil Chilli Bomb Chicken£15.95
Holy Basil Chilli Bomb Shrimp£16.95
GHC Phad Thai Chicken£14.95
GHC Phad Thai Prawns£15.95
Fried Rice Chicken£14.50
Fried Rice Crab£23.50
Fried Rice Prawns£15.95
Street Style Duck Noodle Soup£16.90
The Angry Pasta£16.50
Street Style Stir-Fried Beef Cube on Rice£16.50
Aromatic Prawns on Steamed Rice£16.95
Spicy Beef Cha Cha with Jasmine Rice£15.95
Green Curry Fried Rice with Fried Eggs£14.95
Fried Rice with Pounded Prawns£15.95
Thai Spicy Green Curry with Twist with Somen or Steamed Rice & Chicken£14.95
Thai Spicy Green Curry with Twist with Somen or Steamed Rice & Beef£16.50
Beef Massamun with Jasmine Rice£16.95

Greyhound Cafe Vegetarian Menu

Crispy Fried Mixed Mushrooms with Thai Herbs£8.50
Sweet Corn Pop£8.90
Thai Sizzling Mushroom£12.50
Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls£12.50
Grilled Fak Thong Tofu Salad£14.90
Tom Zapp Mixed Mushrooms£9.90
Tom Kha Mixed Mushrooms£9.90
Tom Yum Mixed Mushrooms£9.90
Pad Cha Mixed Mushroom and Tofu with Jasmine Rice£14.50
Aubergine & Tofu Basil Chilli Bomb with Jasmine Rice£13.50
Mixed Mushrooms Phad Thai£13.50
Angry Veggie Pasta£13.50
Vegetarian Green Curry with Jasmine Rice£13.50
Vegetarian Panang with Jasmine Rice£13.50
Vegetarian Massamun with Jasmine Rice£13.50
Vegan Dried-Beef Fried Rice£14.50

Greyhound Cafe Sides Menu

Thai Omelette£5.50
Crispy-Edge Fried Egg£3.50
Hom Mali Rice£3.90
Sticky Rice£4.20
Grilled Mixed Mushrooms£7.50
Egg Fried Rice£4.90
Wok-Fried Cabbage£6.50
Wok-Fried Spring Green£6.50
Wok-Fried Aubergine£6.50
Plain Pasta£4.50
Plain Somen Noodles£4.50
Plain Rice Noodles£4.50
Sweet & Sour Pickles£4.20

Greyhound Cafe Dessert Menu

Sago An-Chan£6.90
Red Rubies Tub Tim Krob£6.90
Young Coconut Sherbet£4.50
Mango Sorbet£4.50
Young Coconut Crepe Cake£7.90

Greyhound Café Thai Favourites Menu

Greyhound Iced Tea£5.00
Bubble Plum£5.50
Passion Fashion£5.50
Thai Iced Tea with Milk£4.50
Thai Iced Coffee with Milk£4.50
Sparkling Lime£5.00
Greyhound Iced Tea£5.00

Greyhound Café Soft Drinks Menu

Diet Coke£3.50
Coke Zero£3.50
Soda Water£3.50
Tonic Water£3.50
Light Tonic Water£3.50
Ginger Beer£3.50
Ginger Ale£3.50
Orange Juice£4.50
Bottle of Still- 750ml£4.00
Bottle of Sparkling- 750ml£4.00

Coffee Greyhound’s Blend Menu

Double Espresso£3.30
Double Macchiato£3.50
Flat White£3.50
Iced Americano£4.00
Iced Cappuccino£4.50

Greyhound Café Tea Menu

Herbal Mix Tea Pot£5.00
Herbal Lemongrass Tea£3.30
Fresh Mint Tea£3.30
English Breakfast Tea£3.30
Earl Grey Tea£3.30
Green Tea£3.30
Hot Chocolate£4.50

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You can check all of the other things about Greyhound Cafe on its official website here.

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