Hard Rock Cafe Menu Prices in UK [May 2024]

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Looking for the latest Hard Rock Cafe menu with prices in UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Hard Rock Cafe menu and prices in UK.

Hard Rock Cafe offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Hard Rock Cafe menu prices in UK below without wasting much time.

Hard Rock Cafe Menu Prices in UK

Hard Rock Café Starters & Shareables Menu

Tupelo Chicken Tenders£11.95
Onion Ring Tower£5.75
Classic Buffalo Wings£11.50
BBQ Wings£11.50
All-American Sliders£13.95
Classic Nachos£12.50
Bangkok Shrimp£13.95
Family Wings£22.95
Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta£13.25
Cuban Wings£13.95
Boneless Bodacious Tenders£13.50

Hard Rock Café Sandwiches Menu

Grilled Chicken Sandwich£10.45
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich£9.45
Fried Chicken Sandwich£13.25
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich£11.50
Messi Chicken Sandwich£17.95

Hard Rock Café Legendary Steak Burgers Menu

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger£12.45
The Big Cheeseburger£11.45
Double-Decker Double Cheeseburger£21.75
The Impossible Burger£17.75
Original Legendary Burger£11.45
Moving Mountains Burger£11.45
Surf & Turf Burger£21.25
Messi Burger£20.45
Veggie Burger£11.00
Haggis Burger£17.95

Smashed & Stack Menu

Country Burger£17.50
Swiss Mushroom Burger£17.50
Spicy Diablo Burger£17.50

Hard Rock Café Bundles Menu

Single Bundle£12.75
Double Bundle£25.10
Red Bull Single Bundle£13.70
Red Bull Double Bundle£27.00
Mask Bundle£14.95
Burger and Single Bundle£14.50
Burger and Double Bundle£26.55

Hard Rock Café Salads & Bowls Menu

Steak Salad£18.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad£14.95
Grilled Salmon Noodle Bowl£14.95
Southwestern Chicken Bowl£14.95
Fresh Beet Salad£14.00
Salmon Caesar Salad£17.95

Hard Rock Café Speciality Entrees Menu

Baby Back Ribs£19.95
Cowboy Ribeye£31.75
New York Strip Steak£27.95
Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese£13.95
Famous FajitasGrilled Chicken– £18.00
Grilled Steak– £19.50
Duo Combo– £19.50
Veggie Fajitas– £17.00
Grilled Norwegian Salmon£17.95
Cedar Plank Salmon£17.25
Barbecue Chicken£21.25
Smokehouse BBQ ComboRibs & Pork– £22.95
Ribs & Chicken– £22.95
Pork & Chicken– £22.95
Trio Combo– £23.95

Hard Rock Café Sides (A La Carta) Menu

Seasoned French Fries£4.50
Family Fries£7.50
Golden Onion Rings£2.50
Caesar Side Salad£4.95
Ranch Beans£2.75
House Side Salad£4.95
Mac & Cheese£7.50
Small Beet Salad£3.50
Breaded Shrimp£5.50
Garlic Toast£1.50

Hard Rock Café Kids Menu

The Kid’s menu of this restaurant is designed with a name called “Messi Kids Menu” which is designed for the ages of 12 and under.

Messi’s X Burger£10.75
Messi’s Golden Chicken Sandwich£10.75
Bacon Cheeseburger£10.75
Chicken Tenders£10.75
Mac & Cheese£10.75
Twisted ‘N Tasty Cavatappi Pasta£10.75
Hot Dog£10.75
Grilled Chicken Breast£10.75
Grilled Chicken House Salad£10.75
Kid’s Cheese Pizza£8.55

Hard Rock Café Desserts Menu

Hot Fudge Brownie£10.75
New York Cheesecake£7.50
Homemade Apple Cobbler£9.75
Ice Cream£7.25
Diner-Style Milkshakes£8.25
Homemade Chocolate Brownie£7.95

Hard Rock Café Jam Session Menu

Southern RockWith Sprite– £11.40
With Glass– 15.50
Rockin’ Fresh RitaWith Sweet & Savoury Rim– £12.45
With Glass– £15.50
Tropical MargaritaWith Juice– £12.45
With Glass– £15.50
Electric Blues£13.95
Blackberry Sparkling Sangria£15.50
Purple Haze£15.50
Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea£15.50
Espresso Martini£13.95

Hard Rock Café Drinks Menu

Coca Cola (330ml)£2.50
Red Bull Light£2.95
BELU Sparkling Water£2.00
Can of Camden Pale Ale£4.00
Can of Camden Hells£4.00
Diet Coke (330ml)£2.50
BELU Still Water£2.00
Red Bull£2.95
Sprite (330ml)£2.00
Fanta (330ml)£2.00
Hard Rock Logo Sparkling Water£2.50
Hard Rock Logo Still Water£2.50
Dr. Pepper£2.00
Green Tea£8.70
Lemon Drop£8.70

Hard Rock Café Alternative Rock Menu

Strawberry Basil Lemonade£7.00
Mango Tango£7.00
Mango-Berry Cooler£7.00
Cookies & Cream Mini-Milkshake£8.05

Hard Rock Café Coffee Menu

Irish Kiss£9.35
Baileys Irish Coffee£9.35
Irish Coffee£9.35
Kahlua Coffee£9.35
Caffe Latte£4.30
Twinings of London Speciality Teas£4.05
Hot Chocolate£4.05
Disaronno Amaretto£6.95
Baileys Irish Cream£6.95
Grand Marnier£6.95

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Hard Rock Cafe Menu And Prices in UK Viewmenuprices.com
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You can check all of the other things about Hard Rock Cafe on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Hard Rock Cafe

What are the opening hours of Hard Rock Cafe in the UK?

Opening hours vary by location, please check our website for details.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options on the menu?

Yes, we offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes, reservations can be made through our website or by calling the restaurant directly.

Do you offer gluten-free options?

Yes, we have gluten-free options available upon request.

Are children allowed in the restaurant?

Yes, children are welcome at Hard Rock Cafe.

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