Kaka Halwai Menu Prices in India [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Kaka Halwai menu with prices? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Kaka Halwai menu and prices.

Kaka Halwai offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Kaka Halwai menu prices below without wasting much time.

Kaka Halwai Menu Prices

Kaka Halwai Family Binge Combos Menu

Kaju Pista Roll 1Kg + Kaju Roll 1Kg₹2000
Match Day Combo 2₹2000
Kaju Pista Roll 1Kg + Kaju Safarchand 1Kg₹2000
Match Day Combo 3₹2000
Kaju Safarchand 1Kg + Kaju Roll 1Kg₹2000
Match Day Combo 1₹2000

Kaka Halwai Bengali Sweets Menu

Angoor Malai₹105
Kheer Mohan₹105
Malai Sandwich₹105
Pakatil Kala Jamun₹95
Rasgulla (Per Pc)₹21

Kaka Halwai Desi Sweets Menu

Pakatil Gulab Jamun₹75
Sakhari Gulab Jamun₹75
Special Sakhari Gulab Jamun₹100

Kaka Halwai Kaju Bites Menu

Kaju Akrod Bite₹300
Kaju Bite₹300
Kaju Chocolate Bite₹300
Kaju Mewa Bite₹300

Kaka Halwai Kaju Gajak Menu

Kaju Chocolate Gajak₹300
Kaju Gajak₹300
Kaju Gulab Gajak₹300
Kaju Kesar Gajak₹300

Kaka Halwai Ladoo Menu

Dry Fruits Besan Ladoo₹135
Sadha Motichoor Ladoo₹70
Shakti Ladoo₹150

Kaka Halwai Malai Barfi Menu

Malai Anjeer Burfi₹160
Malai Burfi₹150
Malai Kaju Burfi₹165

Kaka Halwai Mawa Barfi Menu

Mawa Chocolate Katli₹150
Mawa Chocolate Roll₹150
Mawa Gulab Sandwich₹145
Mawa Katli₹150
Mawa Kesar Katli₹150
Mawa Mango Dry Fruits₹150
Mawa Mango Katli₹150
Mawa Mango Roll₹150
Pista Dry Fruits Burfi₹150

Kaka Halwai Pedha Menu

Kandi Pedha₹125
Kesari Pedha₹150
Malai Kesari Pedha₹160
Malai Pedha₹150
Mango Malai Pedha₹150
Pedha Malai Elaichi₹150
Sakhari Kesari Pedha₹130
Sakhari Pedha₹120

Kaka Halwai Snacks Menu

Veg Pattice₹25
Sadha Dhokala₹70

Kaka Halwai Kaju Sweets Menu

Kaju Apple₹250
Kaju Badam Roll₹250
Kaju Katli₹250
Kaju Paan₹250
Kaju Pista Roll₹250
Kaju Roll₹250
Kaju Safarchand₹250
Kaju Strawberry₹250

Kaka Halwai Premium Sweets Menu

Kaju Kadam Ladoo₹288
Special Khajoor Dryfruit Ladoo₹313

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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Kaka Halwai? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Kaka Halwai on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Kaka Halwai

Who is Kaka Halwai?

Kaka Halwai is a renowned Indian sweets and snacks brand.

Where is Kaka Halwai located?

Kaka Halwai has stores in various cities across India.

What does Kaka Halwai offer?

Kaka Halwai offers a wide range of traditional Indian sweets and snacks.

Is Kaka Halwai known for any specialties?

Yes, Kaka Halwai is particularly famous for its delicious and authentic flavors.

Can I order from Kaka Halwai online?

Yes, Kaka Halwai provides online ordering and delivery services.

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