Kritunga Restaurant Menu Prices in India [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Kritunga Restaurant menu with prices? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Kritunga Restaurant menu and prices.

Kritunga Restaurant offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Kritunga Restaurant menu prices below without wasting much time.

Kritunga Restaurant Menu Prices

Kritunga Restaurant Menu Prices
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Kritunga Restaurant Rayalaseema Specials Menu

Ragi Mudda (Sangati)₹65
Jawar Roti Jonna Roti)₹22
Kadak Jawar Roti₹25
Saija Roti₹20
Gutti Vankaya (Brinjal₹110
Mirapakayale Sogi (Mirchi Masalal₹100

Kritunga Restaurant Veg Soups Menu

Tomato Soup₹110
Veg Garlic Soup₹110
Lemon Coriander Soup₹110
Veg Clear Soup₹110
Veg Corn Soup₹110
Veg Hot N Sour Soup₹110
Veg Hot Soup₹110
Veg Manchow Soup₹110
Veg Noodles Soup₹110

Kritunga Restaurant Non Veg Soups Menu

Chicken Garlic Soup₹130
Chicken Clear Soup₹130
Chicken Corn Soup₹130
Chicken Hot N Soup₹130
Chicken Manchow Soup₹130
Payas Soup₹130

Kritunga Restaurant Rayalaseema Durys Menu

Alu Fry₹100
Bendi Fry Vepudul₹100
Mushroom Fry₹180
Kakara Vepudu₹100

Kritunga Restaurant Veg Starters Menu

Gobi Chilly ₹170
Gobi 65 ₹170
Ginger Gobi ₹170
Gobi Manchuria ₹170
Ginger Veg ₹170
Veg Manchuria ₹170
Veg 65 ₹170
Crispy Veg ₹170
Paneer 65 ₹190
Paneer Burji ₹190
Chilly Paneer ₹190
Alu 65 ₹170
Kaju Pakoda ₹210
Babycorn Manchuria ₹170
Babycorn Chilly ₹170
Mushroom Chilly₹195
Mushroom Manchuria₹195
Pepper Mushroom₹195

Kritunga Restaurant Veg Curries Menu

Veg Malai Kofta ₹195
Veg Paneer Kofta ₹195
Paneer Butter Masala ₹195
Veg Mix Curry ₹195
Veg Shahi Kurma ₹195
Paneer Shahi Kurma ₹195
Palak Paneer ₹195
Alu Palak ₹195
Kadai Paneer ₹195
Kadai Veg ₹195
Plain Palak ₹195
Kaju Curry ₹210
Mushroom Curry ₹195
Tomato Curry ₹195
Dal Fry ₹150

Kritunga Restaurant Rice Items Menu

Mutton Fried Rice₹220
Mixed Fried Rice₹210
Chicken Fried Rice₹190
Egg Fried Rice₹170
Veg Fried Rice₹160
Ghee Rice₹150
Jeera Rice₹150
Curd Rice₹80
Steam Rice₹40

Kritunga Restaurant Fry’s Menu

Head Fry₹225
Brain Fry₹225
Natukodi Fry₹230
Mutton Fry₹240
Natukodi Iguru₹230
Mutton Iguru₹240
Rayalaseema Chicken Fry₹220
Rayalaseema Mutton Fry₹240
Kamju Fry₹230
Miryala Natukodi Vepudu₹230
Guntur Chicken Fry₹220
King of Kodi Vepudu₹220

Kritunga Restaurant Curry’s Menu

Head Curry₹230
Natukodi Pulusu₹240
Mutton Pulusu₹240
Kamju Pulusu₹240
Nellore Fish Pulusu₹240
Gongura Chicken (Bone)₹220
Goungura Mutton (Bone)₹240
Rayalaseema Chicken (Bone)₹220
Rayalaseema Mutton (Bone)₹240
Kritunga Special Chicken Curry (Boneless)₹220
Kritunga Special Mutton Curry (Boneless₹240

Kritunga Restaurant Chicken Starters Menu

Chicken Drumsticks₹220
Chicken Roast₹220
Chicken 65₹220
Chicken Manchuria₹220
Chilly Chicken₹220
Chicken Majestic₹220
Ginger Chicken₹220
Pepper Chicken₹220
Chicken Kheema Gold Coins₹220
Hyderabadi Chicken₹220
Chicken Kaju Pakoda₹220

Kritunga Restaurant Mutton Starters Menu

Chilly Mutton₹240
Mutton Kheema Balls₹240
Mutton Manchuria₹240
Ginger Mutton₹240
Pepper Mutton₹240
Mutton 65₹240

Kritunga Restaurant Fish Starters Menu

Apollo Fish₹230
Fish 65₹230
Fish Manchuria₹230
Prawn 65₹230
Loose Prawns₹230
Garlic Fish Fry Boneless₹230

Kritunga Restaurant Non-Veg Fry Items Menu

Andhra Chicken Fry₹220
Andhra Mutton Fry₹240
Hyderabadi Chicken Fry₹220
Hyderabadi Mutton Fry₹240
Fish Fry₹230
Prawns Fry₹235
Mutton Kheema Fry₹240
Marumilli Village Bamboo Chic₹250
Konaseema Kodi Vepudu₹220
Gongura Chicken Fry₹220
Gongura Mutton Fry₹240

Kritunga Restaurant Chicken Curries Menu

Andhra Chicken Curry Boneless₹220
Chicken Masala₹220
Hariyali Chicken Curry₹220
Hyderabadi Chicken Curry₹220
Kadai Chicken₹220
Butter Chicken₹220
Chicken Mughlai₹220
Palak Chicken₹220
Chicken Kolhapuri₹220
Chicken Shahi Kurma₹220
Menthi Chicken₹220

Kritunga Restaurant Mutton Curry Menu

Andhra Mutton Curry₹240
Hariyali Mutton Curry₹240
Hyderabadi Mutton Curry₹240
Kadai Mutton₹240
Butter Mutton₹240
Mutton Moghlai₹240
Mutton Masala₹240
Palak Mutton₹240
Kheema Curry₹240
Menthe Mutton₹240

Kritunga Restaurant Biryani Menu

Veg Biryani₹175
Mushroom Biryani₹200
Paneer Biryani₹200
Egg Biryani₹185
Biryani Rice₹155
Chennur Mutton Palav₹230
Naatukodi Palav₹220
Pot Biryani₹250
SPL Chicken Biryani₹230
Green Mirchi Chicken Biryani₹230
Fry piece Chicken Biryani(Bone)₹220
Nizam Chicken Biryani₹220
Lalipop Biryani₹240
Naatukodi Biryani₹240
Palnadu Mutton Bilal Biryani₹250
Mutton Biryani₹250
SPL Mutton Biryani₹260
Kheema Biryani₹260
Fish Biryani₹250
Prawns Biryani₹250
Kamju Biryani₹250

Kritunga Restaurant Family Pack Biryani Menu

Veg Biryani₹375
Pot Biryani₹525
SPL Chicken Biryani₹520
Palnadu Mutton Biryani₹550
Mutton Biryani₹550
SPL Mutton Biryani₹590
Fry Piece Chicken Biryani₹495
Naatukodi Biryani₹580
Mutton Kheema Biryani₹590
Paneer Biryani₹440
Nizam Chicken Biryani₹495
Prawns Biryani₹590

Kritunga Restaurant Platters Menu

Veg Platters₹450
Non Veg Dry Platters₹700
Non Veg Fry Platters₹700
Tandoori Platters₹700

Kritunga Restaurant Chicken Kebab Menu

Tangdi Kebab Full₹300
Tangdi Kebab Half₹190
Chicken Tandoori Full₹320
Chicken Tandoori Half₹190
Banjara Kebab₹290
Chicken Tikka₹290
Chicken Sheek Kebab₹290
Chicken Reshmi Kebab₹290
Hariyali Kebab₹290
Kalmi Kebab₹290
Malai Kebab₹290

Kritunga Restaurant Fish Tanddoir Kebab Menu

Tandoori Fish₹450

Kritunga Restaurant Tandoori Roti Menu

Tandoori Roti₹25
Butter Naan₹35
Garlic Naan₹40
Butter Parota₹45
Kheema Parota₹70
Masala Kulcha₹50
Gobi Parota₹35
Lachha Parota₹30
Menthi Parota₹35
Paneer Kulcha₹35
Paneer Parota₹35
Pudina Parota₹45
Alu Parota₹30
Butter Roti₹35
Cheese Naan₹35

Kritunga Restaurant Soft Drinks Menu

Water bottle₹30
Cool Drinks₹25
Pet Botle (500 ml)₹45
Sweet Lime Soda₹50
Salt Lime Soda₹50
Sweet And Salt Lime Soda₹50
Fresh Lime Sweet₹50

Kritunga Restaurant Sweets Menu


Kritunga Restaurant Eggs Items Menu

Egg Curry ₹135
Egg Masala ₹135
Egg Burji ₹135
Egg Fry ₹135
Egg 65 ₹135
Egg Chilly ₹135
Egg Manchurian ₹135
Egg Omlet ₹90
Boiled Egg ₹45

Kritunga Restaurant Roti Menu

Jawar Roti₹22
Kadak Jawar Roti₹25
Ghee Pulka₹20

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Kritunga Restaurant Menu And Prices
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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Kritunga Restaurant? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Kritunga Restaurant on its official website here.

FAQs Related to Kritunga Restaurant

What is Kritunga Restaurant India?

Kritunga Restaurant India is a restaurant chain specializing in Indian cuisine.

Where is Kritunga Restaurant India located?

Kritunga Restaurant India has multiple locations across various cities in India.

What type of food does Kritunga Restaurant India serve?

Kritunga Restaurant India offers a diverse menu featuring traditional Indian dishes.

Is Kritunga Restaurant India a vegetarian or non-vegetarian restaurant?

Kritunga Restaurant India caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences.

Can I order food from Kritunga Restaurant India online?

Yes, Kritunga Restaurant India provides online ordering services for customer convenience.

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