Moose Coffee Menu Prices in UK [July 2024]

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Looking for the latest Moose Coffee menu with prices in UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Moose Coffee menu and prices in UK.

Moose Coffee offers so many delicious food items that are under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Moose Coffee menu prices in UK below without wasting much time.

Moose Coffee Menu Prices in UK

Moose Coffee Menu

Flat White£3.30
Classic Americano£3.00
Moose Macchiato£3.70
Moose Hot Chocolate£4.50
Moose Vegan Hot Chocolate£4.50
Mallow Moose Hot Chocolate£4.70
Plant Based Milk30p

Moose Tea Menu

Breakfast Tea£2.70
Fresh Mint Tea£3.40
Moose Flavoured & Speciality Teas£3.00

Moose Natural Juices Menu

Cranberry Juice£2.60
100% Pure Squeezed Tropicana Orange Juice£2.80
Cranberry & Apple Juice Blend£2.60
Apple Juice£2.60
Fresh Milk£2.00

Moose Shakes Menu

Cookie Dough Shake£4.50
Oreo Shake£4.50
Snickers Shake£4.50
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Shake£4.50

Moose Soft Drinks Menu

Coca Cola£2.90
Diet Coke£2.90
Still Water£2.40
Sparkling Water£2.40
Moose Coca Cola Float£4.00

Moose Coffee Breakfast Menu

Mighty Moose£11.00
Vegi Mighty Moose£11.00
Lone Star Moose£12.75
Smoked Moose£12.00
Grande Moose£11.00
Vegi Grande Bouche (V)£10.50
Vegan Grande bouche (V) (VEGAN)£11.00
Phoenix (V)£11.00
“It’s Back!” Van Alen£9.00
Liberty Moose£10.50
Seuss Moose£9.75
Double Dutch£12.75
Bronx Brunch£12.75
Sauls Smoke Chicken Cheddar Waffle£12.25
Manolito (V)£12.50
Manolito Picante£13.50
Manolito Verde (V) (VEGAN)£12.50
One Eyed Moose (V)£9.00
“It’s Back!” Caboose Moose£11.75
Moose Rich Grits (V)£10.00
Green Line (V)£12.00
High Line (V) (VEGAN)£12.00
Lula Puebla (V) (VEGAN)£10.00
Verrazano (V) (VEGAN)£11.00
Pancake Benedict£12.75

Moose Eggs Benedict Menu

New Jersey Moose (V)£11.00
New England Moose (V)£11.00
“It’s Back!” New Brunswick Moose£13.00
New Mexico Moose£13.00
New York Moose£11.00
New Hampshire Moose£13.00
Combo Half/Half£13.00
Tri-State Combo£15.00

Moose Coffee Grilled Sandwich Menu

Moose Club£12.00
Nova Scotia£11.50
Five Borough Grill Cheese£10.00

Moose Coffee Waffles Menu

Moose Waffles£10.00
Moose Waffles with Four Slices of Smoked Streaky Bacon£12.00
Moose Waffles with Choc Hazelnut Spread (V)£11.00

Moose Coffee Pancakes Menu

Moose Pancakes (V)£10.00
Moose Pancakes with Vanilla Ice Cream (V)£11.00
Moose Pancakes with Four Slices of Smoked Streaky Bacon£12.00
Moose Pancakes with Choc & Hazelnut Spread (V)£11.00
Moose Pancakes with Blueberries (V)£11.00

Moose Lite Bites Menu

Toast or Toasted Bagel (V)£2.75
Toasted Sourdough (V)£2.75
Granola (V)£9.00
Granola served with Maple, Natural Yoghurt and Fresh Berries (V)£11.00
Granola Vegan Alternative is served with Plant Based Milk (Vegan)£9.00
Porridge (V)£6.50
Porridge Served with Maple, Natural Yoghurt, and Fresh Berries (V)£8.50
Porridge Vegan Alternative is Served with Plant Based Milk (Vegan)£6.50

Moose Stack Menu

Moose Apple and Homemade Salted Caramel (V)£12.00
Moose Granola and Chocolate Peanut Butter (V)£12.00
Moose Banana and Pecan (V)£12.00
Moose Berry and Mascarpone (V)£12.00

Moose Sides Menu

Two Poached or Moose Style Fried Eggs (V)£2.00
Two Scrambled Eggs (V)£3.00
Three Gourmet Chipolata Sausages£3.50
Three Rashers of Back Bacon£3.50
Four Rashers of Streaky Bacon£3.50
One Large Grilled Tomato (V) (VEGAN)£1.50
Salt Beef£3.50
Hollandaise Sauce (V)£2.50
Homemade Potato Hash (V) (VEGAN)£2.50
Fresh Berries (V) (VEGAN)£3.00
Moose Refried Beans (V) (VEGAN)£3.00
Garlic Spinach (V) (VEGAN)£3.00
Fresh Smashed Avocado (V) (VEGAN)£3.50
Grilled Halloumi (V)£3.20
Chocolate Spread/Peanut Butter/Salted Caramel (V)£2.00
Two Vegan/Veggie Sausages (V) (VEGAN)£3.20
Tofu Scrambled Eggs (V) (VEGAN)£3.50
Two Signature Sausage Pattie£3.50
Two Slices of Seasoned Minute Steak£3.50

Moose Kids Menu

The Kids Menu at Moose Cafe was designed for children and was categorised into Mini Breakfast, Mini Sweet, and Mini Benedict.

Mini Breakfast Menu

Mini Mighty£5.00
Mini One Eyed (V)£4.00
Mini Porridge (V)£3.00
Mini Smashed Avocado (V/VG)£5.00

Mini Sweet Menu

Mini Phoenix£4.50
Mini Pancakes (V)£5.00
Mini Waffles (V)£5.00

Mini Benedict Menu

Half Bagel New England (V)£5.00
Half Bagel New York£5.00
Half Bagel New Jersey (V)£5.00

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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Moose Coffee in UK? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Moose Coffee on its official website here.

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