Tasty Bites Menu Prices in UK [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Tasty Bites menu with prices in UK? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Tasty Bites menu and prices in UK.

Tasty Bites offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Tasty Bites menu prices in UK below without wasting much time.

Tasty Bites Menu Prices in UK

Tasty Bites Starters Menu

Chicken Tikka (Halal)£4.00
Chicken Tikka£3.50
Lamb Tikka£4.50
Shami Kebab£4.99
Sheek Kebab£3.99
Onion Bhaji£3.50
King Prawn Butterfly£5.50
Prawn Puri£4.99
King Prawn Puri£5.50
Meat Samosa£2.95
Vegetable Samosa£2.95
Chicken Chaat Puri£3.95
Mix Starter£5.99
Tandoori Chicken£3.50

Tasty Bites Tandoori Main Dishes Menu

Chicken Tikka (Halal)£7.90
Tandoori Chicken (Halal)£9.90
Lamb Tikka (Halal)£8.90
Chicken Shashilick (Halal)£9.90
Lamb Shashilick (Halal)£9.50
Tandoori King Prawn£12.90
Lamb Chops£11.99
Tandoori Mix Grill£14.99

Tasty Bites Grilled Peri Peri Menu

Six Pieces Wings£6.50
Quarter Chicken£5.50
Half Chicken (Halal)£8.99
Half Chicken£8.99
Whole Chicken14.99

Tasty Bite Platter Menu

Platter One£24.99
Platter Two£32.99
Platter Three£38.99
Platter Four£49.99

Tasty Bites Family Meals Menu

Mixed Platter£21.99
Single Platter£19.99
Mega Platter£32.99
Family Meal£29.99
Half Chicken Meal£11.99
Whole Chicken Meal£16.99

Tasty Bites Korma Dishes Menu

Chicken Korma£9.99
Lamb Korma£9.99
Prawn Korma£9.99
King Prawn Korma£11.90
Vegetable Korma£6.90

Tasty Bites Rice Menu

Pilau Rice£3.50
Basmati White Rice£2.75
Chicken Special Fried Rice£5.00
Mushroom Rice£4.00
Coconut Rice£4.00
Egg Fried Rice£4.00
Keema Rice£5.00
Vegetable Rice£4.00
Lemon Rice£4.00

Tasty Bites Biryani Dishes Menu

Chicken Biryani£9.99
Chicken Tikka Biryani£11.99
Lamb Tikka Biryani£12.99
Prawn Biryani£11.99
King Prawn Biryani£14.99
Mixes Vegetable Biryani£9.99
Lamb Biryani£9.99
Naga Chicken Biryani£11.99
Tasty Bites Special Biryani£14.95
Naga Lamb Biryani£11.99
Kacchi Biryani£9.99

Tasty Bites Balti Dishes Menu

Chicken Balti£8.99
Chicken Tikka Balti£9.99
Lamb Balti£8.99
Lamb Tikka Balti£9.99
Vegetable Balti£7.95
King Prawn Balti£14.99
Prawn Balti£9.99
Balti Tikka Masala£10.95
Balti Melowath£10.95
Tandoori King Prawn Balti£13.95
Balti Kofte Masala£10.95

Tasty Bites Breads Menu

Plain Naan£2.50
Keema Naan£3.00
Garlic Naan£3.00
Peshwari Naan£3.00
Cheese Naan£3.00
Kulcha Naan£3.00
Tandoori Roti£2.50

Tasty Bites Condiments Menu

Mint Sauce£0.70
Chilli Garlic Sauce£0.70
Mango Chutney£0.70
Onion Salad£0.70
Chilli Pickle£0.70
Lime Pickle£0.70
Onion Raitha£1.95
Cucumber Raitha£1.95

Tasty Bites Chef’s Special Menu

Butter Chicken£9.99
Lamb Tikka Chilli£9.99
Chicken Chilli Masala£9.99
Murghi Masala£10.99
Naga Lamb£9.99
Lamb Passanda£9.99
Lamb Shatkora£9.99
Garlic Chicken£9.99
Achari Chicken£9.99
Jeera Chcken£9.99
Naga Chicken£9.99
Chicken Passanda£9.99
Chicken Shatkora£9.99

Tasty Bites Masala Dishes Menu

Chicken Tikka Masala£9.99
Lamb Tikka Masala£9.99
Prawn Masala£9.99
Vegetable Masala£6.99
Tandoori King Prawn Masala£12.99

Tasty Bites Veg Side Dishes Menu

Bombay Aloo£4.50
Bhindi Bhaji£4.50
Chana Masala£4.50
Matar Paneer£4.50
Saag Aloo£4.50
Saag Paneer£4.50
Vegetable Curry£4.50
Dall Samba£4.50
Mushroom Bhaji£4.50
Saag Bhaji£4.50
Tarka Dall£4.50
Any Curry Sauce£3.50
Aloo gobi£4.50
Cauliflower Bhaji£4.50

Tasty Bites Burger and Fast Food Menu

Five Wings, Chips and Drink£5.99
Quarter Pounder, Chips, and Drink£6.50
Chicken Steak Burger, Chips, and Drink£5.99
Five Pieces Chicken Strip, Chips, and Drink£6.99
Five Nuggets, Chips, and Drink£5.99
Veggie Burger, Chips, and Drink£5.99
Tower Burger, Chips, and Drink£7.99
Cheese Burger, Chips, and Drink£5.99
Chicken Filler Burger, Chips, and Drink£6.99
One Piece Chicken, Three Wings Chips, and Drink£5.99
Two Pieces Chicken, Chips, and Drink£5.99
Fish Burger, Chips, and Drink£6.99
Half Pounder, Chips, and Drink£7.99
Cod Fish, Chips, and Drink£7.50

Tasty Bites Wrap and Rolls Menu

Doner Wrap, Chips, and Drink£4.50
Vegetable Wrap, Chips, and Drink£4.50
Chicken Tikka Roll with Naan and Drink (Halal)£5.00
Chicken Wrap, Chips, and Drink£4.50
Sheek Kebab Roll with Naan and Drink£4.50

Tasty Bites Doner Kebabs Menu

Lamb Doner£6.99
Chicken Doner, Chips, and Salad£6.99
Lamb Doner with Naan£6.99
Chicken Doner with Naan and Drink£6.99
Shatkora Doner with Naan and Drink£6.99
Doner Roll, Chips, and Drink£6.99
Mix Doner with Naan and Drink£7.99

Tasty Bites Traditional Selection Dishes Menu

Rogan Josh£9.95

Tasty Bite Grill/Peri Peri Meals Menu

Half Peri Peri Chicken£6.99
Quarter Grill Chicken£5.50
One Piece Peri Peri Chicken, Three Pieces Peri Peri Wings£6.99
Five Pieces Peri Peri Wings£6.50
Quarter Peri Peri Chicken£5.50
Six Pieces Peri Peri Wings£4.00
Half Grill Chicken£7.50
Half Peri Peri Chicken, Four Pieces Peri Peri Wings£8.99
Five Pieces Lamb Chops£14.99
Whole Peri Peri Chicken (Halal)£12.99

Tasty Bites Soft Drinks Menu


Tasty Bites Grilled Peri Peri Menu

Six Pieces Wings£6.50
Half Chicken£8.99
Whole Chicken£14.99
Quarter Chicken£5.50
Half Chicken£8.99

Tasty Bites Indonesian Specialities Menu

Nasi Goreng£7.95
Mee Goreng Telengu£7.95
Ayam Siam£7.95
Udang Laska£7.95
Rhendang Kambing Therong£7.95
Noodles Mandalay£7.95

Tasty Bites Kids Menu

Kids Meal 2£3.99
Kids Meal 3£4.99
Kids Meal 4£3.99
Kids Meal 5£3.99
Kids Meal 6£4.50
Kids Meal 7£4.50
Kids Meal 8£4.50
Kids Meal 9£4.50
Kids Meal 10£3.99

Tasty Bites Pathia Menu

Vegetable Pathia£9.95
Chicken Pathia£10.25
Lamb Pathia£10.25
Chicken Tikka Pathia£10.95
Lamb Tikka Pathia£10.95
Chicken & Prawn Pathia£10.50
Tandoori King Prawn Pathia£13.95
Prawn Pathia£10.25

Tasty Bites English Dishes Menu

Fried Chicken & Chips£6.95
Scampi and Chips£6.95
Chicken Nuggets & Chips£5.95
Omelette & Chips (Mushroom/Cheese/Plain)£5.95

Tasty Bites House Special Menu

Tikka Passanda£7.95
Mushroom Piazza£7.95

Tasty Bites Dansak Menu

Vegetable Dansak£9.95
Chicken Dansak£10.25
Lamb Dansak£10.25
Chicken Tikka Dansak£10.95
Lamb Tikka Dansak£10.95
Chicken & Prawn Dansak£10.50
Tandoori King Prawn Dansak£13.95
Prawn Dansak£10.25

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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Tasty Bites? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Tasty Bites on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Tasty Bites

What cuisines do you offer?

We offer a diverse range including Indian, Chinese, and Italian.

Are your ingredients fresh?

Yes, we use fresh, high-quality ingredients in all our dishes.

Do you cater to dietary restrictions?

Absolutely, we have options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets.

How spicy are your dishes?

Our spice levels can be adjusted according to your preference, from mild to extra spicy.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery services to your doorstep for your convenience.

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