Drunken Monkey Menu Prices in India [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Drunken Monkey menu with prices in India? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Drunken Monkey menu and prices in India.

Drunken Monkey offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Drunken Monkey menu prices in India below without wasting much time.

Drunken Monkey Menu Prices in India

Drunken Monkey Recommended Menu

Black Grape₹199
Cereal & Malt Meal₹229
Cold Coffee Nutella₹249
Choco Nutella₹229
Dry Fruit Meal₹229

Drunken Monkey People’s Choice Menu

Detox 4 Pack – A₹499
Black Grape Epic₹199

Drunken Monkey Smoothie Packs Menu

Body & Soul – Smoothie Pack 3₹699
Naturally High Part- Smoothie Pack 1₹799
Naturally High Part- Smoothie Pack 3₹799

Drunken Monkey Smoothies By Fruits Menu

Pineapple Smoothie₹159
Banana Smoothie₹179
Muskmelon Smoothie₹179
Apple Smoothie₹209
Papaya Smoothie₹199
Pomegranate Smoothie₹219
Black Grape Smoothie₹199
Green Grape Smoothie₹199
Kiwi Smoothie₹249
Dragon Fruit Smoothie₹249
Date – Nite Smoothie₹229
Fig-Er-It Out Smoothie₹229
Nutcase Smoothie₹239
Crazy Stupid Smoothie₹239
Monkey Confidential Smoothie₹239

Drunken Monkey Veggie Smoothies Menu

Beet The Root₹199
Cucumber Cooler₹199
Crazy Carrot₹199
Super Veggie₹199

Drunken Monkey Meal Smoothies Menu

Dates And Cereal Meal₹229
Wholesome Coffee Meal₹229
Caramel And Muesli Meal₹229
Cereal & Malt Meal₹229
Nutella Meal₹229
ABC Meal₹229
Super Fiber Meal₹229
Iron Man Green Meal₹229
Dry Fruit Meal₹229

Drunken Monkey Hydrators Menu

Lime Hydrator₹169

Drunken Monkey Hangover Warriors Menu

Last Nite’s Sin₹229
Party Monster₹229
Afterparty Caffenie₹229

Drunken Monkey Detox Menu

Detox 4 Pack B₹499
Detox 4 Pack A₹499
Detox 8 Pack₹990
Smooth Criminal₹169
Eternal Sunshine₹169
U Kill I Kill₹169
Beach Body₹169
Mirror Mirror₹169
Full Throttle₹169
Black Magic₹169
Super Food₹169
Shot Glass₹169

Drunken Monkey Cold Coffee Menu

Cold Brew₹199
Cold Coffee Classic₹219
Cold Cappuccino₹219
Cold Mocaccino₹219
Turkish Cardamom Cold Coffee₹239
Cold Coffee Nutella₹249
Coffee Oreo₹249
Coffee Brownie₹249
Coffee Caramel₹249
Irish Cream Coffee₹249

Drunken Monkey Indulgence Menu

French Vanilla₹209
Crunchy Horlicks₹219
Choco Almond₹219
Choco Nutella₹229
Pure Nutella₹229
Cheese Cake₹239
Kit Kat Caramel₹249
Brownie Nutella₹279
All Stars₹279

Drunken Monkey Seasonal Menu


Disclaimer: Viewmenuprices collects menus and their prices from various sources such as business websites, official websites, etc. The prices may not be the same because they can change without any notice. So we recommend you, contact the eatery directly before making any plans.

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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Drunken Monkey? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Drunken Monkey on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Drunken Monkey

What is Drunken Monkey?

Drunken Monkey is a chain of health cafes in India specializing in smoothies and juices.

Are Drunken Monkey smoothies healthy?

Yes, they use natural ingredients without added sugar or artificial flavors.

Where are Drunken Monkey outlets located?

They have outlets in various cities across India, expanding steadily.

Do they offer customization options?

Absolutely, customers can personalize their smoothies according to preferences.

Is Drunken Monkey a franchise?

Yes, it operates on a franchise model, facilitating wider reach and growth.

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