Upahara Darshini Menu Prices in India [June 2024]

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Looking for the latest Upahara Darshini menu with prices in India? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Upahara Darshini menu and prices in India.

Upahara Darshini offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Upahara Darshini menu prices in India below without wasting much time.

Upahara Darshini Menu Prices in India

Today’s Exclusive Dishes Menu

Bansi Rava Idli₹45

Upahara Darshini Recommended Menu

Single Idly Vada₹45
Two Mini Masala Dosa₹60
North Indian Mini Meal₹130
Chole Bhature₹100
Paneer Chilli₹195
Baby Corn Manchurian₹180
Handi Biryani₹175
Sabji Pulao₹170
South Indian Mini Meal₹90
Finger Chips₹125
Veg Noodles₹120
Two Rice Idli₹30
Paneer Hyderabadi₹200
Paneer Manchurian₹195
Mushroom Manchurian₹185
Veg Ball Manchurian₹180
Jain Veg Hyderabadi Curry₹180
Malai Kofta₹180
Corn Capsicum Masala₹175
Tomato Soup₹85
Paneer Fried Rice [Half] With Gobi Manchurian [Half]₹165
Veg Pulao₹165
Executive North Combo₹155
Plain Palak₹150
Fried Rice [Half] With Gobi Manchurian [Half]₹130
Veg Fried Rice₹120
Gobhi Manchurian₹110
Two Idli Single Vada₹55
Kaali Dosa₹55
Pav Bhaji₹95
Three Mallige Idli₹40
Curd Rice₹80
Curd Vada₹50
Fried Rice [Half] With Mushroom Manchurian [Half]₹160
Executive South Combo₹155

Upahara Darshini Combos Menu

North Indian Mini Meal₹130
Paneer Fried Rice with Gobi Manchurian₹165
Fried Rice with Gobi Manchurian₹130
Fried Rice with Mushroom Manchurian₹160

Executive Lunch Combo Menu

Rice+Sambar+4 Pulka+Curd Rice+Dal Fry+Pickles+Papad₹90
Two Roti or One Naan or One Kulcha+2 Vegetable Curry+Pulao+Gulab Jamun₹155
2 Chapati+Veg Palya+Rice+Rasam+Gulab Jamun+Curd Rice+Papad+Salad+Pickles₹155

Upahara Darshini All Day Breakfast Menu

Single Idly Vada₹45
Bansi Rava Idli₹45
Two Rice Idli₹30
Two Idli Single Vada₹55
Three Mallige Idli₹40
Curd Vada₹50
Single Idli₹15
Mysore Tatte Idli₹30
Single Medu Vada₹27

Upahara Darshini Dosa Menu

Two Mini Masala Dosamerchant Home Link₹60
Kaali Dosamerchant Home Link₹55
Onion Dosamerchant Home Link₹60
Two Mini Sagu Dosamerchant Home Link₹60
Open Dosamerchant Home Link₹60
Rava Dosamerchant Home Link₹70
Paper Dosamerchant Home Link₹75
Plain Dosamerchant Home Link₹50

Upahara Darshini Starters Menu

Finger Chips₹125
Paneer Tikka Manchurian₹200
Thai Dry Paneer₹200
Thai Dry Mushroom₹190
Thai Dry Baby Corn₹180
Spanish Manchurian₹200
Baby Corn Chilli₹180
Chilly Crispy Veg₹170

Upahara Darshini Classic Chinese Starters Menu

Paneer Chilli₹195
Baby Corn Manchurian₹180
Paneer Manchurian₹195
Mushroom Manchurian₹185
Veg Ball Manchurian₹180
Gobhi Manchurian₹110
Paneer 65₹200
Lemon Paneer Dry₹200
Paneer Pepper Dry₹200
Mushroom Chilli₹185
Mushroom 65₹185
Lemon Mushroom₹190
Mushroom Pepper Dry₹190
Baby Corn Pepper Dry₹175
Baby Corn 65₹180
Lemon Baby Corn₹185
Lemon Gobhi Dry₹170
Gobhi 65₹160
Gobhi Chilli₹160
Veg Spring Roll₹140

Upahara Darshini Main Course Menu

Paneer Tikka Masala₹200
Veg Methi Hariyali₹185
Veg Patiyal₹170
Kaju Kolhapuri₹200
Kaju Makhani₹195
Kaju Mushroom₹200
Kaju Masala₹200
Matar Methi Malai₹175
Veg Kolhapuri₹180
Veg Hyderabadi₹180

Veg Main Course Menu

Corn Capsicum Masala₹175
Plain Palak₹150
Mixed Veg Curry₹165
Mushroom Masala₹200
Mushroom Chilli Masala₹200
Chana Masala₹165
Veg Makhan Masala₹165
Green Peas Masala₹165
Gobhi Masala₹165
Aloo Masala₹165
Roti Ghar Special Veg₹170
Veg Pepper Masala₹170
Aloo Matar₹160
Aloo Palak₹155
Peas Palak₹155
Palak Mixed Sabji₹160
Palak Dal₹150
Corn Palak₹160
Aloo Methi Makhan₹170
Veg Jantar Mantar₹180
Kaju Matar₹190
Navratan Korma₹170
Kaju Kurma₹200
Veg Shahi Korma₹170
Veg Korma₹165
Capsicum Masala₹170
Veg Do Pyaza₹170
Aloo Gobi Masala₹165

Upahara Darshini Dry Subzi Menu

Paneer Bhurji₹200
Aloo Jeera Fry₹160
Aloo Gobhi₹155

Upahara Darshini Kofta Main Course Menu

Malai Kofta₹180
Veg Kofta₹170
Stuffed Capsicum₹170

Upahara Darshini Dal Main Course Menu

Dal Kolhapuri₹150
Dal Tadka₹145
Dal Makhani Yellow₹150
Dal Punjabi₹150

Upahara Darshini Paneer Ka Kamaal Menu

Paneer Hyderabadi₹200
Paneer Butter Masala₹195
Paneer Shahi Korma₹190
Paneer Matar₹190
Paneer Pasanda₹195
Paneer Palak₹185
Paneer Gutchi₹195
Kaju Paneer₹200
Paneer Peshawari₹200
Aloo Paneer Masala₹185
Paneer Kofta₹200
Paneer Lazeez₹195

Upahara Darshini Khas Kadhai Khana Menu

Kadhai Vegetable₹170
Kadhai Paneer₹200
Kadhai Mushroom₹190
Kadhai Gobhi Matar₹165
Kadhai Baby Corn₹180

Upahara Darshini Breads Menu

Butter Roti₹35
Pudina Roti₹35
Methi Roti₹35
Butter Naan₹50
Stuffed Naan₹55
Plain Parotta₹40
Butter Parotta₹45
Stuffed Parotta₹55
Plain Kulcha₹40
Butter Kulcha₹45
Stuffed Kulcha₹55
Pudina Kulcha₹45
Aloo Parotta₹55
Masala Kulcha₹55
Garlic Naan₹55

Upahara Darshini Rice And Biryani Menu

Handi Biryani₹175
Mughlai Biryani₹180
Spanish Biryani₹185
Veg Biryani₹170
Peas Biryani₹170

Upahara Darshini Rice Menu

Sabji Pulao₹170
Veg Pulao₹165
Curd Rice₹80
Peas Pulao₹165
Dal Palak Rice₹170
Ghee Rice₹165
Jeera Rice₹165
Palak Rice₹170

Upahara Darshini Fried Rice And Noodles Menu

Veg Noodles₹120
Schezwan Noodles₹175
Mushroom Noodles₹180
Singapuri Noodles₹175
Veg Rice Noodle₹165
Veg American Chopsuey₹185
Veg Chinese Chopsuey₹175

Upahara Darshini Fried Rice Menu

Veg Fried Rice₹120
Mushroom Fried Rice₹175
Schezwan Fried Rice₹170
Paneer Fried Rice₹190
Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice₹170
Spanish Fried Rice₹180
Singapuri Fried Rice₹170
Veg Hong Kong Fried Rice₹185

Upahara Darshini Sandwiches, Delhi Chaats, Tawa Pulao And Pav Bhaji Menu

Paneer Sandwich₹65
Chilly Cheese Sandwich₹65
Cheese Sandwich₹65
Veg Grilled Sandwich₹45

Upahara Darshini Delhi Chats Menu

Chole Bhature₹100
Pav Bhaji₹95
Vada Pav₹30
Masala Pav₹95
Lacha Tokri₹75
Raj Kachori₹65
Dhai Balla Papdi₹60
Delhi Cold Pani Puri₹55
Delhi Cold Sev Puri₹55
Delhi Cold Dahi Puri₹55

Upahara Darshini Tawa Pulao Menu

Mushroom Tawa Pulao₹160
Babycorn Tawa Pulao₹160
Tawa Pulao₹140
Cheese Tawa Pulao₹160
Paneer Tawa Pulao₹160

Upahara Darshini South Chaat Menu

Pani Puri₹40
Masala Puri₹45
Dhai Puri₹45
Sev Puri₹45

Upahara Darshini Jain Menu

Jain Masala Papad₹35
Jain Baby Corn Manchurian₹180
Jain Paneer Manchurian₹195
Jain Gobhi Manchurian₹110

Jain Rice And Main Course Menu

Jain Veg Hyderabadi Curry₹180
Jain Jeera Rice₹165
Jain Palak Rice₹170
Jain Paneer Shahi Korma₹190
Jain Malai Methi Matar₹175
Jain Special Curry₹170
Jain Paneer Butter Masala₹195
Jain Palak Paneer₹185
Jain Plain Palak₹150
Jain Gobhi Masala₹155
Jain Kaju Masala₹200
Jain Baby Corn Masala Curry₹180
Jain Green Peas Masala₹165
Jain Chana Masala₹165

Upahara Darshini Jain Soups Menu

Jain Veg Soup₹85
Jain Sweet Corn Plain Soup₹85

Upahara Darshini Accompaniments Menu

Roasted Masala Papad₹35
Masala Papad₹35
Green Salad₹50
Mixed Raita₹50

Upahara Darshini Bakery Sweets And Condiments Menu

Aloo Chips Plain₹84
Aloo Chips Kara₹84
Bombay Mixture₹100
Badam Mixture₹100
Chow Chow Mixture₹100

Upahara Darshini Sweets Menu

Badam Halwa₹40
Ice Cream Burfi₹175
Kaju Katli₹300
Mango Katli₹175
Horlicks Burfi₹175
Special Mysore Pak₹175
Ghee Laddu₹175

Upahara Darshini Desserts And Beverages Menu

Fruit Salad₹80

Upahara Darshini Lassi Special Menu

Sweet Lassi₹60
Salted Lassi₹60
Masala Lassi₹60
Mango Lassi₹70
Strawberry Lassi₹70

Upahara Darshini Soups Menu

Tomato Soup₹85
Veg Hot And Sour Soup₹90
Sweet Corn Soup₹90
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹90
Veg Clear Soup₹85
Veg Baby Corn Soup₹90
Veg Soup₹85
Veg Manchow Soup₹85
Coriander Soup₹85

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FAQs Related to Upahara Darshini

What is Upahara Darshini?

Upahara Darshini is a popular South Indian eatery known for its affordable and delicious vegetarian dishes.

What are some must-try dishes?

Idli, vada, masala dosa, kesari bath, and filter coffee are highly recommended.

Are there any specialty items?

Yes, Upahara Darshini often offers unique regional snacks like bisi bele bath and rava idli.

Do they cater to dietary restrictions?

They usually have options suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets, but it’s best to inquire beforehand.

Is it only popular in specific regions?

While primarily found in Karnataka, Upahara Darshini’s popularity is spreading to other parts of India.

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