BTW Menu Prices in India [May 2024]

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Looking for the latest BTW menu with prices in India? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated BTW menu and prices in India.

BTW offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the BTW menu prices in India below without wasting much time.

BTW Menu Prices in India

BTW Recommended Menu

Samosa Chaat₹70
Bittoo Tikki Burger₹75
Kali Rasbhari₹100
Tikki With Choley₹130
Bittoo Tikki Full₹137
Chhole Bhature₹138
Plain Dosa₹140
Dahi Bhalla Full₹142
Raj Kachori₹147
Pao Bhaji₹168
Masala Dosa₹173

BTW South Indian Menu

South Indian Platter₹280
Paneer Rawa Masala Dosa₹225
Paneer Dosa₹210
Rawa Masala Dosa₹190
Onion Rawa Masala Dosa₹200
Plain Rawa Dosa₹165
Masala Dosa₹173
Plain Dosa₹140
Onion Uttapam₹165
Mixed Veg. Uttapam₹170
Sambhar Idli₹116
Sambhar Vada₹116
Onion Masala Dosa₹190
Plain Butter Dosa₹150

BTW Match Day Combos (IPL Special 10% Off) Menu

Combo 3 (Chhole Bhature + Lassi)₹185
Combo 2 (Masala Dosa + Chhach)₹217
Combo 1 (Matar Kulcha + Keser Pista Badam Milk)₹185

BTW Chaat & Snacks Menu

Palak Patta Chaat₹120
Bittoo Tikki Full₹137
Dahi Bhalla Full₹142
Raj Kachori₹147
Paneer Kulcha 2ps₹67
Papdi Chaat Full₹137
Pani Poori Atta (6 Pcs)₹60
Aloo Samosa 2 Pc₹32
Tikki With Choley₹130
Samosa Chaat₹70
Dal Kachori 2 Pcs₹32
Pyaz Kachori 2 Pcs₹51
Kachori Chaat₹70

BTW Dairy Products Menu


BTW Sweets Menu

Banarsi Laddu₹90
Motichoor Laddu₹125
Jodhpuri Laddu₹119
Special Atta Laddu₹138
Special Besan Laddu₹138
Coconut Dry Fruit Laddu₹138

BTW Packed Sweets Menu

Panjeeri Laddu495
Gond Laddu300
Gond Laddu520

BTW Bangali Sweets Menu

Chenna Toast114
Anar Kali33
Bengali Fancy429

BTW Petha Sweets Menu

Dry Petha₹133
Angoori Petha₹79
Angoori Kesar Petha₹83
Fancy Petha₹95
Gilori Petha₹95
Dry Petha₹62

BTW Kaju Sweets Menu

Kaju Burfi₹229
Kaju Strawberry₹238
Kaju Samosa₹262
Kaju Pan₹262
Kaju Orange₹250
Kaju Kalash₹262
Kaju Anjeer₹262
Kaju Pista Cone₹262
Kaju Chocolate Cake₹238
Kaju Cake₹250

BTW Khoya Sweets Menu

Malai Roll (2 Pcs)₹86
Lal Jamun₹95
Kala Jamun₹95
Sev Badam Burfi₹121
Coconut Burfi₹112
Khoya Plain Burfi₹131
BTW Special Burfi₹125
Bikaneri Burfi₹131
Khoya Lal Peda₹114
Khoya Pista Burfi₹138

BTW Sweet Menu

White Rasbhari 500gm₹171
Jalebi (Desi Ghee)₹131
Kesar Gujia (Desi Ghee)₹179
Rasgulla 4 Pcs₹99
Moong Dal Burfi₹125
Shahi Pinni₹131
Dhoda Burfi₹128
Chhena Murgi₹121
Kali Rasbhari₹100
Mathura Peda₹476
Anjeer Burfi Sugar Free₹310

BTW Eco-Meal Menu

Pao Bhaji₹168
Chhole Bhature₹138
Matar Kulcha₹126
Punjabi Choley With Kulcha₹131
Kathi Kabab With Roomali Roti₹200
Dal Makhani (Served With Rice & Raita)₹160
Shahi Paneer (Served With Rice & Raita)₹160

BTW Tuesday Special Menu

Boondi Prashad₹105

BTW Ala Carte Menu

Plain Rice₹150
Shahi Paneer₹280
Boondi Raita₹150
Mix Vegetables₹280
Dal Makhani₹280

BTW Pay For 1 And Get 2 Items Menu

Rasgolla Tin 1 Kg (2 PCS)₹310
Gulab Jamun Tin 1 Kg (2 PCS)₹310

BTW Tandoor Se Menu

Garlic Naan₹71
Garlic Paratha₹67
Lachha Paratha₹65
Butter Naan₹67
Paneer Tikka₹260
Plain Roti₹30
Butter Roti₹33
Tandoor Platter₹305

BTW Continental Menu

Bombay Grilled Sandwich₹143
Cheese Coleslaw Sandwich₹86
Bombay Grilled Cheese Sandwich₹143
Bittoo Tikki Burger₹75
Grilled Sandwich₹138

BTW Chinese Menu

French Fries₹90

BTW Beverages Menu

Bombay Banta – Litchi₹64
Shahi Mixture₹58
Kesar Pista Badam Milk₹80
Sweet Lassi₹70
Mineral Water (1 Ltr.)₹18
Cold Coffee₹86

BTW Green Tea Menu

Natural Green Tea₹229

BTW Shadani Menu

Shadani Ram Ladoo Can₹121
Shadani Mix Fruit Candy Can₹116

BTW Hot & Cold Menu

Moong Dal Halwa₹143
Rasmalai 2 Pcs₹95
Rasgulla 2 Pcs₹29
Gulab Jamun 2 Pcs₹63
Malpua 1 Pc₹33
Rabri Faluda₹99

BTW North Indian Menu

BTW Special Thali₹300
BTW Executive Thali₹231

BTW Packed Cookies Menu

Biscuit Golden Coconut 400 Gram₹106

BTW Namkeens Menu

Moong Dal 200gm₹54
Khatta Meetha 200gm₹49
Nimboo Masala 200gm₹49
Aloo Bhujia 200gm₹49
Bikaneri Bhujia 200 Gram₹54

BTW Summer Special Menu

Mango Bhalla Chaat₹135
Mango Lassi₹80

BTW Packed Maida Items Menu

Gol Matthi 300g₹89
Masala Para 300g₹89
Pudina Matthi 400g₹134
Methi Methi 400g₹134

Disclaimer: Viewmenuprices collects menus and their prices from various sources such as business websites, official websites, etc. The prices may not be the same because they can change without any notice. So we recommend you, contact the eatery directly before making any plans.

BTW Menu And Prices in India
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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of BTW? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about BTW on its official website here.

FAQs Related to BTW

What does BTW stand for?

BTW stands for “By The Way.”

What type of cuisine does BTW serve?

BTW serves a variety of Indian street food.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, BTW offers a range of vegetarian dishes on its menu.

Does BTW offer delivery services?

Yes, BTW provides delivery services for its menu items.

Where can I find a BTW outlet?

BTW outlets can be found in various cities across India.

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