Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices in Australia [May 2024]

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Looking for the latest Zarraffa’s Coffee menu with prices? Well, we have got you covered because, in this article, you will know the updated Zarraffa’s Coffee menu and prices.

Zarraffa’s Coffee offers so many delicious food items under budget that you will love to have regularly. Excited? Alright, let’s have a look at the Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices below without wasting much time.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices

Zarraffa’s Coffee Cold Fuision With Coffee Menu

Coffee Fushion – TallA$4.95
Coffee Fushion – GrandeA$5.95
Coffee Fushion – MasaiA$6.95
Coffee Fushion – JumboA$7.95
Mocha Fusion – TallA$5.75
Mocha Fusion – GrandeA$6.75
Mocha Fusion – MasaiA$7.75
Mocha Fusion – JumboA$8.75
Caramelised Fusion – TallA$5.75
Caramelised Fusion – GrandeA$6.75
Caramelised Fusion – MasaiA$7.75
Caramelised Fusion – JumboA$8.75
White Chocolate Fusion – TallA$5.75
White Chocolate Fusion – GrandeA$6.75
White Chocolate Fusion – MasaiA$7.75
White Chocolate Fusion – JumboA$8.75

Zarraffa’s Coffee Cold Fusion Without Coffee Menu

Creme Caramel Fusion – TallA$5.5
Creme Caramel Fusion – GrandeA$6.5
Creme Caramel Fusion – MasaiA$7.5
Creme Caramel Fusion – JumboA$8.5
Creme Chocolate Fusion – TallA$5.5
Creme Chocolate Fusion – GrandeA$6.5
Creme Chocolate Fusion – MasaiA$7.5
Creme Chocolate Fusion – JumboA$8.5
Creme White Chocolate Fusion – TallA$5.5
Creme White Chocolate Fusion – GrandeA$6.5
Creme White Chocolate Fusion – MasaiA$7.5
Creme White Chocolate Fusion – JumboA$8.5
Creme Strawberry Fusion – TallA$5.5
Creme Strawberry Fusion – GrandeA$6.5
Creme Strawberry Fusion – MasaiA$7.5
Creme Strawberry Fusion – JumboA$8.5
Creme Choc Mine Fusion – TallA$5.5
Creme Choc Mine Fusion – GrandeA$6.5
Creme Choc Mine Fusion – MasaiA$7.5
Creme Choc Mine Fusion – JumboA$8.5
Chai Fusion – TallA$5
Chai Fusion – GrandeA$6
Chai Fusion – MasaiA$7
Chai Fusion – JumboA$8

Zarraffa’s Coffee Cool Down Menu

Iced Americano – TallA$4.25
Iced Americano – GrandeA$5.25
Iced Americano – MasaiA$5.75
Iced Americano – JumboA$6.75
Iced Latte – TallA$4.5
Iced Latte – GrandeA$5.5
Iced Latte – MasaiA$6
Iced Latte – JumboA$7
Iced Chai – TallA$5.5
Iced Chai – GrandeA$6.5
Iced Chai – MasaiA$7
Iced Chai – JumboA$8
Peach Iced Tea – TallA$4.5
Peach Iced Tea – GrandeA$5
Peach Iced Tea – MasaiA$6
Peach Iced Tea – JumboA$7
Mango Iced Tea – TallA$4.25
Mango Iced Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Mango Iced Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Mango Iced Tea – JumboA$6.75
Lemond Iced Tea – TallA$4.25
Lemond Iced Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Lemond Iced Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Lemond Iced Tea – JumboA$6.75
Lycheed & Mint Iced Tea – TallA$4.25
Lycheed & Mint Iced Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Lycheed & Mint Iced Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Lycheed & Mint Iced Tea – JumboA$6.75
Iced Chocolate Float – TallA$5.25
Iced Chocolate Float – GrandeA$5.75
Iced Chocolate Float – MasaiA$6.75
Iced Chocolate Float – JumboA$7.75
Latte Float – TallA$5.5
Latte Float – GrandeA$6.5
Latte Float – MasaiA$7
Latte Float – JumboA$8
Mocha Float – TallA$6.25
Mocha Float – GrandeA$7.25
Mocha Float – MasaiA$7.75
Mocha Float – JumboA$8.75
White Chocolate Mocha Float – TallA$6.25
White Chocolate Mocha Float – GrandeA$7.25
White Chocolate Mocha Float – MasaiA$7.75
White Chocolate Mocha Float – JumboA$8.75

Zarraffa’s Coffee Smoothies Menu

Breakfast Smoothie – TallA$5.75
Breakfast Smoothie – GrandeA$6.75
Breakfast Smoothie – MasaiA$7.75
Breakfast Smoothie – JumboA$8.75
Mango Smoothie – TallA$5.5
Mango Smoothie – GrandeA$6.5
Mango Smoothie – MasaiA$7.5
Mango Smoothie – JumboA$8.5
Mixed Berry Smoothie – TallA$5.5
Mixed Berry Smoothie – GrandeA$6.5
Mixed Berry Smoothie – MasaiA$7.5
Mixed Berry Smoothie – JumboA$8.5
Banana Smoothie – TallA$5.5
Banana Smoothie – GrandeA$6.5
Banana Smoothie – MasaiA$7.5
Banana Smoothie – JumboA$8.5

Zarraffa’s Coffee Hot Classics Menu

Caffe Latte – ShortA$4
Caffe Latte – TallA$4.5
Caffe Latte – GrandeA$5.5
Caffe Latte – MasaiA$6
Cappuccino – ShortA$4
Cappuccino – TallA$4.5
Cappuccino – GrandeA$5.5
Cappuccino – MasaiA$6
Flat White – ShortA$4
Flat White – TallA$4.5
Flat White – GrandeA$5.5
Flat White – MasaiA$6
Hot Chocolate – ShortA$4.75
Hot Chocolate – TallA$5.25
Hot Chocolate – GrandeA$5.75
Hot Chocolate – MasaiA$6.75
White Hot Chocolate – ShortA$4.75
White Hot Chocolate – TallA$5.25
White Hot Chocolate – GrandeA$5.75
White Hot Chocolate – MasaiA$6.75
Chai Latte – ShortA$4.5
Chai Latte – TallA$5
Chai Latte – GrandeA$5.5
Chai Latte – MasaiA$6.5
Americano – ShortA$3.75
Americano – TallA$4.25
Americano – GrandeA$5.25
Americano – MasaiA$5.75

Zarraffa’s Coffee Hot Desires Menu

Caffe Breve – ShortA$4.75
Caffe Breve – TallA$5.25
Caffe Breve – GrandeA$6.25
Caffe Breve – MasaiA$6.5
Caramelised Cappuccino – ShortA$5
Caramelised Cappuccino – TallA$5.5
Caramelised Cappuccino – GrandeA$6.5
Caramelised Cappuccino – MasaiA$7
Caffee Mocha – ShortA$5
Caffee Mocha – TallA$5.5
Caffee Mocha – GrandeA$6.5
Caffee Mocha – MasaiA$7
White Chocolate Mocha – ShortA$5
White Chocolate Mocha – TallA$5.5
White Chocolate Mocha – GrandeA$6.5
White Chocolate Mocha – MasaiA$7
Caramelised Mocha – ShortA$5.25
Caramelised Mocha – TallA$5.75
Caramelised Mocha – GrandeA$7
Caramelised Mocha – MasaiA$7.5

Zarraffa’s Coffee Wide Awake Menu

Espresso – DoubleA$3.95
Espresso MacchiatoA$3.5
Espresso Macchiato – DoubleA$4.1
Espresso Con PannaA$3.8
Espresso Con Panna – DoubleA$4.4
Piccolo – DoubleA$4.2
Espresso AffogatoA$4.75
Espresso Affogato – DoubleA$5.35

Zarraffa’s Coffee Organic Tea Menu

English Breakfast Tea – ShortA$3.75
English Breakfast Tea – TallA$4.25
English Breakfast Tea – GrandeA$4.75
English Breakfast Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Earl Grey Tea – ShortA$3.75
Earl Grey Tea – TallA$4.25
Earl Grey Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Earl Grey Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Chai – ShortA$3.75
Chai – TallA$4.25
Chai – GrandeA$4.75
Chai – MasaiA$5.75
Peppermint Tea – ShortA$3.75
Peppermint Tea – TallA$4.25
Peppermint Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Peppermint Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Green Tea – ShortA$3.75
Green Tea – TallA$4.25
Green Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Green Tea – MasaiA$5.75
Chamonile Tea – ShortA$3.75
Chamonile Tea – TallA$4.25
Chamonile Tea – GrandeA$4.75
Chamonile Tea – MasaiA$5.75

Zarraffa’s Coffee Kids Menu

Babyccino – TallA$2
Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – TallA$3.65
Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – GrandeA$4.15
Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – MasaiA$5.15
Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – JumboA$6.15
White Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – TallA$3.65
White Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – GrandeA$4.15
White Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – MasaiA$5.15
White Chocolate Iced Flavored Milk – JumboA$6.15
Strawberry Iced Flavored Milk – TallA$3.65
Strawberry Iced Flavored Milk – GrandeA$4.15
Strawberry Iced Flavored Milk – MasaiA$5.15
Strawberry Iced Flavored Milk – JumboA$6.15
Caramel Iced Flavored Milk – TallA$3.65
Caramel Iced Flavored Milk – GrandeA$4.15
Caramel Iced Flavored Milk – MasaiA$5.15
Caramel Iced Flavored Milk – JumboA$6.15
Iced chocolate Float – TallA$5.25
Iced chocolate Float – GrandeA$5.75
Iced chocolate Float – MasaiA$6.75
Iced chocolate Float – JumboA$7.75

Zarraffa’s Coffee Extras Menu

Espresso ShotA$0.6
Chocolate FudgeA$1
Ice CreamA$1

Zarraffa’s Coffee Syrups Menu

Caramel Sugar FreeA$0.75

Zarraffa’s Coffee Milk Menu

Lactose FreeA$0.6

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Zarraffa's Coffee Menu And Prices
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So what did you like the most from the above-given menu prices of Zarraffa’s Coffee? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

You can check all of the other things about Zarraffa’s Coffee on its official website here and on Wikipedia too.

FAQs Related to Zarraffa’s Coffee

What is Zarraffas Coffee?

Zarraffa’s Coffee is an Australian coffee franchise known for its specialty coffee and drive-thru service.

What are the sizes for hot drinks at Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Sizes include Small (8 oz), Regular (12 oz), and Large (16 oz).

Are there any dairy-free milk options available?

Yes, Zarraffa’s Coffee offers almond and soy milk alternatives.

What food options are available at Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Zarraffa’s Coffee offers a variety of wraps, sandwiches, and sweet treats.

Can I purchase Zarraffa’s coffee beans?

Yes, you can buy Zarraffa’s coffee beans in-store or online.

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